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2014 CEPIC Congress In Berlin

By Jim Pickerell | 262 Words | Posted 4/9/2014 | Comments
The CEPIC Congress scheduled to be held in Berlin on June 4 through 7, 2014 is less than 2 months away. Already nearly 350 stock photo agents and industry suppliers are signed up to attend. For a full conference program see here.

PACA On Image Embedding

By Jim Pickerell | 343 Words | Posted 3/24/2014 | Comments
PACA’s mission has always been to support a healthy and sustainable market for licensing the use of photographic images, as well as to encourage and support innovative ways for photography to be legally used in the rapidly changing marketplace.  Clearly, models for licensing of photography have had a difficult time keeping pace with changes brought on by the Internet, social media, and the blogosphere.

Will Getty Insist On Keeping Contributors In The Dark?

By Jim Pickerell | 715 Words | Posted 3/11/2014 | Comments
Photographers, illustrators, Getty’s Image Partners (stock agencies), and trade associations representing Getty photographers should be asking Getty to supply creators with a limited amount of the data collected when Getty embeds creator's images on a web site for FREE.

Speaking Up Makes A Difference

By Jim Pickerell | 353 Words | Posted 2/14/2014 | Comments
Recently PACA published a letter from Past President Robert Henson about how Microsoft “has taken the bold step of promoting the theft of images online. Through its newly revamped Office product.” Through its “Office Help” function Microsoft advised users looking for images to “Use Bing to get images.”  Bing made finding images easy and implied that anything found was free to use.

Google Wins: Google Books Does Not Violate Copyright Law

By Jim Pickerell | 416 Words | Posted 11/21/2013 | Comments
Judge Denny Chin in Southern District of New York has ruled that Google Books provides a public benefit and is a fair use of copyrighted material. He ruled that the Google Books project doesn’t violate copyright law and dismissed the eight-year-old lawsuit against Google.

Changing Stock Photography World

By Jim Pickerell | 1539 Words | Posted 11/19/2013 | Comments
As happens every fall there is a whirlwind of photo conferences – PACA Annual Conference, Visual Connection and PhotoPlusExpo (all in New York), and this year Microstock Expo in Berlin. In light of everything I’ve seen and heard between October 20 and November 17, 2013 I’ve provided a few observations as to where I think the stock photo industry is headed.

CEPIC Submits EU Antitrust Complaint Against Google Images

By Jim Pickerell | 1483 Words | Posted 11/13/2013 | Comments
On behalf of thousands of photographers and picture agencies CEPIC, the Center of the Picture Industry has submitted a formal antitrust complaint against Google’s use of third-party images before the European Commission. The complaint was submitted on 8 November 2013 and supported by an unprecedented coalition of European and US trade associations representing thousands of photographers and picture agencies worldwide.

Visual Connections New York 2013 ‘The Best in Years’

By Jim Pickerell | 300 Words | Posted 10/30/2013 | Comments
The stock visual media industry is seeing a pick-up after the longest downturn in living memory. Visual Connections New York, the world’s largest marketing event devoted to commercial licensing of visual media, drew more buyers and exhibitors this year than in 2012. Buyers could learn about 72 different stock agency brands from around the world, including 21 new to New York and 22 from outside the US (Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and Argentina).

Stock Photography: Flawed Business Model

By Jim Pickerell | 969 Words | Posted 10/29/2013 | Comments
Stock photography is changing rapidly. The most serious issues facing stock photographers are:
    they have no idea who their potential customers are;
    they don’t know what their customers are looking for in the way of images; and
    they don’t understand how their customer’s businesses are changing.

PACA And Cengage Develop New Licensing Strategy For Educational Use

By Jim Pickerell | 1356 Words | Posted 9/30/2013 | Comments
Given the changing and growing demands publishers are facing when developing an educational program, PACA’s Editorial Relations Committee and Cengage Learning have worked together to create a new “Preferred Provider” Insert License Agreement that helps meet the publisher’s needs while providing image vendors of a better understanding of how their images are being used.

Decline In Creativity: Is It About Budgets?

By Jim Pickerell | 982 Words | Posted 9/26/2013 | Comments
Art Directors and Graphic Designers lament the decline in creativity. They say this results from a lack of Time and a lack of Funding which leads to a lack of Inspiration. 75% say they have too many competing priorities to leave time for reflection.

Photographic Community Opposes Instagram Terms of Use

By Jim Pickerell | 253 Words | Posted 8/23/2013 | Comments
The American Society of Media Photographers, joined by National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), The Digital Media Licensing Association (PACA), American Photographic Artists (APA), This Week in Photography (TWiP), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage (CEPIC), Graphic Artists Guild (GAG) and American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP), has mounted a campaign to address the far-reaching Terms of Use of the image sharing service Instagram.

ASMP Issues "The Instagram Papers"

By Jim Pickerell | 858 Words | Posted 8/15/2013 | Comments
ASMP has published “The Instagram Papers,” a very valuable analysis of Instagram Terms of Service. Every photographer who is considering posting images on Instagram, wants to retain control of his/her images and hopefully earn some money from them should be familiar with the information in this report.

CEPIC Image Registry Update

By Alfonso Gutierrez | 708 Words | Posted 7/19/2013 | Comments
Alfonso Gutiérrez, President of CEPIC has provided some updated information on the CEPIC Image Registery (CIR) that Selling Stock reported on earlier here and here. See his report.

PACA Changes Name

By Jim Pickerell | 139 Words | Posted 7/2/2013 | Comments
PACA has changed its name to PACA, The Digital Media Licensing Association. While the name Picture Archive Council of America has served the organization well, it has become apparent that it no longer accurately reflects today’s photography licensing business, or the membership of the organization.

PACA 2013 Conference

By Jim Pickerell | 213 Words | Posted 6/26/2013 | Comments
Registration is now open for the 18th Annual PACA Conference in New York City October 20-23, 2013. PACA will be teaming up with Visual Connections to bring a 3-day event, which will feature the PACA Conference on days 1 and 2 and Visual Connections on day 3.

Promoting The CIR

By Jim Pickerell | 1122 Words | Posted 6/24/2013 | Comments
The biggest problem for the CIR will be finding a way to let all the potential image users know it exists. It may be fairly easy to make the big publishing organizations aware of the CIR. They have been crying for a way to quickly determine if an image needs to be licensed and where to go to license it. But there is a long tail of small design firms and web developers that in the aggregate use a lot more images than these big users. It will be very difficult to reach all these small occasional users and make them aware of the CIR and its benefits.

CEPIC Image Registry

By Jim Pickerell | 1624 Words | Posted 6/20/2013 | Comments
Motivated by the European Union’s challenge to develop a technological system that would make it easier for European citizens to gain access to cultural resources CEPIC has developed the CEPIC Image Registry (CIR) that will allows simultaneous visual or text search across thousands of image databases. Read more about how will work and how it may change the image licensing business.

June 11th: Photocentric Day At CEPIC

By Jim Pickerell | 356 Words | Posted 5/23/2013 | Comments
At the CEPIC Congress on June 11th the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) will sponsor the second annual "Photocentric Day," a day of inspiration and learning with the theme: How can the professional generate revenues in the digital world?

Compensation For Passive Image Use

By Jim Pickerell | 2962 Words | Posted 5/10/2013 | Comments
At the CEPIC Congress in Barcelona on Wednesday June 12th there will be a discussion on a new initiative that could generate significant new revenue for image creators whose images are “crowd sourced” and posted without authorization to various domains on the Internet.   This story examines the “Winston Project,” a system for collecting revenue for “Passive Image Use.” when a user uploads an image created by someone else to a “crowd sourced” domain, or when a user clicks on an image or shares it within the domain.

APA Joins Image Creator Lawsuit Against Google

By Jim Pickerell | 392 Words | Posted 4/17/2013 | Comments
The American Photographic Artists (APA) association has joined 15 plaintiffs in a copyright infringement lawsuit against Google that alleges the “Google Book Search” program violates the copyrights of numerous photographers and other visual artists.

Holding The Pricing Line

By Jim Pickerell | 910 Words | Posted 4/16/2013 | Comments
In recent discussions with agents operating in Europe it seems that it has become impossible to hold the line on pricing. They say there is always a competitor willing to undercut any rate.

Falling Prices: What To Do?

By Jim Pickerell | 1023 Words | Posted 4/8/2013 | Comments
The CEPIC Congress in Barcelona June 10 – 14, 2013 will attract stock agents from around the world. Falling prices and the impact they are having on stock agencies and professional photographers will be one of the key issues discussed.??I posed a series of questions to a few industry leaders that will be in attendance. Earlier  Alfonso Gutierrez, CEO of age fotostock shared his observations and opinions. In this story I will examine responses from a few others.

Falling Prices: Issue To Be Discussed At CEPIC

By Alfonso Gutierrez | 2616 Words | Posted 3/29/2013 | Comments
The CEPIC Congress in Barcelona June 10 – 14, 2013 attracts stock agents from around the world. Pricing will be one of the key issues discussed – specifically falling prices and the impact they are having on stock agencies and professional photographers. I posed a series of questions to a few industry leaders. This story is a response from Alfonso Gutierrez, CEO of age fotostock.

A Photograher’s Guide To Copyright

By Jim Pickerell | 292 Words | Posted 3/28/2013 | Comments
PhotoShelter and ASMP have partnered to produce and distribute a new guide that discusses photographer’s rights under the U.S. copyright law and explains what they must do to protect their work.