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Articles from June 2001

Tasini Wins

By Jim Pickerell | 1289 Words | Posted 6/26/2001 | Comments
In a 7-2 decision the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Jonathan Tasini in his case against The New York Times. Electronic databases are not revisions of print uses according to the Court. While this is good news, damages have not been assessed and there are still hurdles ahead.

Pictor Reveals Depth of Problems

By Jim Pickerell | 1722 Words | Posted 6/22/2001 | Comments
Pictor International Inc.'s bankruptcy creditors meeting held on June 21st provides rare insights into the operation of the agency as well as information about the plight of their photographers.

Random Thoughts 34

By Jim Pickerell | 984 Words | Posted 6/22/2001 | Comments
This story includes information about a new Getty catalog strategy, New York Times misuse of images, Klein's income for 2000, Down Advertising Sales and the inadequacy of bankruptcy clauses in most photographer contracts.

Sub-Agent Shake Up

By Jim Pickerell | 1111 Words | Posted 6/15/2001 | Comments
Sub-agents that represent major brands are facing difficult decisions and potential loss of the right to represent certain catalogs. This could mean falling revenue for some sub-agents. Primary supplying agents may find it difficult to get their catalogs into the international market.

Stock Industry Statistics

By Jim Pickerell | 3459 Words | Posted 6/15/2001 | Comments
This story provides analysis of the recent PACA and CEPIC surveys of Stock Agencies in the U.S and Europe. I have focused my analysis on market size, and the percentage of sales that are Editorial compared with Commercial. The data provide some surprises.

Tidbits From CEPIC

By Jim Pickerell | 1900 Words | Posted 6/2/2001 | Comments
This story is a report of various information and insights I picked up at the 8th annual CEPIC Congress in Amsterdam. CEPIC is a confederation of picture agency associations in Europe. There were over 400 individuals in attendance representing 238 firms from 37 countries.

Random Thoughts 33

By Jim Pickerell | 1424 Words | Posted 6/2/2001 | Comments
This story contains short items on: The end of Getty's, GlobalPhoto and StockMedia alliance, Royalty Free Growth and RF in Europe, new online sports agency, Eyewire moves to Seattle, U.S. Photographers Joining PACA, and more.

Index Reduces Photographer Percentage

By Jim Pickerell | 808 Words | Posted 6/2/2001 | Comments
Index Stock Imagery has sent a letter to their photographers asking them to accept a reduced percentage of sales from 50% to 40% of net revenues collected on Rights Protected sales. The article outlines several factors related to this decision. I think most photographers will find it beneficial to sign this agreement and continue their representation by Index.

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