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Each year there are three important events where representatives from stock photo agencies around the world get together to share information – CEPIC, DMLA and Visual Connections. These events are also good places for photographers to meet stock agents and get a better understanding of industry trends.

The CEPIC Congress will be held this year in Berlin from June 15th through 17th.  This conference is always somewhere in Europe and hosted by a different country each year.

The Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA) conference is usually held in the New York area. This year it will be in the New Yorker Hotel from October 22nd through 24th.  

Visual Connections Expo is designed to give image buyers a chance to meet and examine the works of various images sellers. For the last few years it has been held in conjunction with the DMLA conference. This year It will be held on October 25th, also at the New Yorker Hotel.

Below is a list of the of the agencies that were represented at each of these conferences in 2016. This list also includes 289 different agencies with images in the Getty Images Creative collection. I have not included agencies that only have images in Getty’s Editorial or Video collections, although some agencies represented in the Creative collection also have images in editorial and video.

I have not included conference attendees that provide services to stock agencies, but do not actually license rights to images. Many service providers attend and exhibit at these conferences. I have also not included individual photographers who produce all the work they represent and do not license work of other creators.

DMLA Visual CEPIC Getty 2016 Country
  X     123RF Malaysia
X     X Czech Republic
    X   4Corners Images UK
X X X   500px Canada
    X   Abaca Press France
    X   Action Press Germany
X   X   Adobe US
    X X AFP Creative France
  X X   Africa Media Online South Africa
  X X X AGE fotostock Spain
    X   Agencia EFE Spain
    X   Agenzia Fotogiornalistica Italy
  X X   akg-images Germany
X X X   Alamy UK
    X   Album Spain
    X   Alinari Italy
    X X All Canada Photos Canada
    X X amana Australia
      X America 24-7  
    X   Anadolu Agency Turkey
    X   ANP Photos Netherlands
    X   APA Picture Desk Austria
      X arabianEye Dubai
    X X Arcaid Images UK
  X     Ardea UK
      X Art Images  
  X     Art Resources USA
      X Asia Images Singapore
      X Asia Selects Singapore
      X AsiaPix Singapore
X   X X Aurora Photos US
    X   Avalon Media Ltd UK
    X   Avenue Images Germany
      X AWL Images UK
      X Axiom Photographic Agency UK
      X Best View Stock China
      X beyond fotomedia UK
      X Biosphoto France
X X   X Blend US
    X   BLF Sweden
      X BLOOMimage Germany
      X blue jean images China
X X X   Brigeman UK
    X   Bulls Press Sweden
    X   BVPA Germany
X   X X Caia Images UK
      X Car Culture ® Collection USA
    X   Caro Fotoagentur Germany
X X     Catch & Release USA
X       Cavan Image USA
      X CGIBackgrounds USA
      X Chic Sketch  
      X China Span China
  X     CNN Collection USA
      X Collection Mix: Subjects  
    X   come alive images USA
      X Conde Nast Collection USA
    X   Copytrack Germany
    X   Cordon Press Spain
      X CSA Images USA
    X   CTK Photobank Czech Republic
      X Cultura UK
    X   culture-images Germany
X X X   Danita Delimont USA
      X De Agostini Picture Library Italy
    X   Deepiks France
  X X   Deposit Photos USA
      X Design Pics Canada
      X Dex Image Japan
    X   Dis Bildeschaffer Germany
  X   X Disability Images USA
      X Discovery Channel Images USA
X X X   Dissolve Canada
      X Dorling Kindersley UK
    X   dpa picture alliance Germany
      X E+  
    X   East News Poland
    X   Easy Resource Poland
X       Easy Resourse UK
    X   Easypix Brasil Brazil
    X   epa European Press Agency Germany
  X     Estockphoto USA
X X     Everett Collection USA
  X     Everypixel Russia
      X Evok Images USA
    X   Eye Ubiquitous UK
X   X X EyeEm Germany
    X X F1 online Germany
      X First Light Canada
X       Flashstock Canada
      X foap Sweden
    X X Folio Images Sweden
    X   Forum Poland Poland
    X   Foto Arena Brazil
    X   Fotoimedia Russia
      X Fotosearch USA
  X     Framepool Germany
    X   Freepix/Flaticon Spain
    X X fstop Germany
X       Gado images USA
X       Gallery Stock USA
    X X Gallo Images South Africa
X   X   Gaopin Images China
      X GeoNova Maps Canada
X   X X Getty Images USA
X X     Globalimagework USA
      X Glowimages USA
  X     Granger USA
    X   Great Stock South Africa
    X   Gtres Spain
      X Gulfimages Emirates
X       Heilman Photography USA
    X X Hemis France
X   X X Hero Images Canada
      X HEX  
      X Historic Map Works USA
      X Hola Images USA
      X Hoxton USA
    X   HUBER Images Germany
X   X   IBL Bildbyra Sweden
    X   IDS UK
    X X Ikon Images UK
      X Illustration Works USA
    X X Image Broker Germany
    X   Image select Netherlands
  X X X Image Source UK
    X   ImageDJ Taiwan
X   X X Imagemore China
      X imagenavi Japan
    X   Imageproduction Czech Republic
      X Images Bazaar India
    X   Imageselect Netherlands
      X Imagewerks Japan Japan
      X Imagezoo USA
X       Imagga Bulgaria
X   X   ImagineChina China
    X   IMAGNO Austria
    X   imago Germany
      X ImaZinS Korea
    X   Impact in IT Netherlands
X X     Implementar Film Argentina
    X X IndiaPicture India
    X   Ingimage UK
      X Ingram Publishing UK
      X Inmagineasia Malaysia
    X   Interfoto Germany
  X     Intransit images UK
  X     ITNSource UK
      X IZA Stock Singapore
    X   Jiji Press Japan
X   X X Johner Images Sweden
    X X Juice Images UK
    X   Keystone Switzerland
    X   lamark France
    X   Lapixa Germany
    X X LOOK Germany
    X Russia
    X   Magnum Photos France
  X     Map Resource USA
  X X   Mary Evans UK
X   X X Maskot Sweden
X   X   Masterfile Canada
X   X   mauritius Germany
      X USA
      X MILATAS  
    X   Millennium Images UK
X X   X Minden Pictures USA
X   X X Mint Images UK
      X MITO images Germany
      X MIXA Japan
    X   MomaSoft Italy
    X X Mondadori Italy
X X     Motherimage USA
  X     MPTVimages USA
    X   MVphotos Finland
X X   X Nat Geo Creative USA
    X   Nationale Beeldbank Netherlands
      X Nativestock USA
    X   Nature in Stock Netherlands
  X X X Nature Picture Library UK
X       NBC News Archive USA
X X X   Newscom USA
  X     Nimia USA
    X X Nordic Visual Iceland
  X     Northwind USA
    X   npine Korea
    X   NTB scanpix Norway
      X NYonAir USA
      X ONOKY France
      X Oxford Scientific UK
    X   Panorama Media China
  X     Panorama Stock China
X     X Panoramic Images Chicago
X   X   Panther Media Germany
    X   PAP Poland
      X Perspectives New Zealand
  X     Photo Resources Hawaii USA
    X X PhotoAlto France
    X X Photononstop France
      X photosindia India
X       Pichastock USA
X       Pickit Sweden
      X Picture Press Germany
      X PictureIndia India
  X     Picturemaxx Germany
    X   Pixel Media (PIXSELL) Croatia
    X X PIXTA Inc. Japan
    X   PixTrakk France
    X   plainpicture Germany
    X   Polfoto Denmark
X   X   Pond5 USA
X   X   PressFoto Singapore
    X   PressFoto Russia
    X   Prisma Switzerland
    X   Profimedia Czech Republic
      X Publisher Mix  
      X Purestock USA
    X   PuzzlePix Hungary
      X Radius Images Canada
    X   Raydar Singapore
    X   RedBull Media Austria
      X Refinery29 USA
X X X X Robert Harding UK
      X RooM  
      X Rubberball Productions USA
    X   Russian Look Russia
      X SambaPhoto Brazil
    X   SBH Images Hungary
    X   Scandinav Images Sweden
    X   Scanpix Denmark Denmark
      X Science Faction USA
    X X Science Photo Library UK
X X   X Science Source USA
      X Score by Aflo Japan
    X   Shenzhen Pintu Network China
X       Shestock USA
X   X X Shutterstock USA
      X Silkroad images UAE
    X   SilverHub Media UK
    X   SIME Italy
      X Sino Images  
    X   sipa press France
      X Slik Pictures  
      X USA
    X   Societe Le Figaro France
    X   Sodate3ch Switzerland
      X STOCK4B  
X   X X StockFood Germany
X X     Stockpotimages USA
X X     Stocksy Canada
X     X Stocktrek Images USA
    X   storimages China
  X     StormStock USA
    X   Super Image Market China
X X X   Superstock USA
    X   SZ Photo Germany
X     X Tetra USA
  X     The Image Works USA
  X     The Kobal Collection USA
X       The Licensing Project USA
      X The LIFE Picture Collection USA
    X X TongRo Images Korea
    X   Top Photo Taiwan
    X   TopFoto UK
    X X Topic Images Korea
    X   TT News Agency Sweden
      X UFO RF  
    X   UMONS Belgium
X   X X Universal Images Group UK
      X Untitled X-Ray  
      X UpperCut Images USA
X   X   VideoBlocks USA
      X View Stock China
    X   Visions Netherlands
      X VisitBritain UK
X   X   Visual China Group China
      X Visuals Unlimited USA
      X VStock USA
    X   Water Rights USA
      X WaterFrame  
    X   Wavebreak Media Ireland
X   X X Westend61 Germany
  X     WGBH stock sales USA
      X WIN-Initiative USA
      X XiXinXing China
    X   Yonig Company Korea
      X ZZVE Illustrations Korea

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Jim Pickerell is founder of, an online newsletter that publishes daily. He is also available for personal telephone consultations on pricing and other matters related to stock photography. He occasionally acts as an expert witness on matters related to stock photography. For his current curriculum vitae go to:  


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