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Five Ways To Succeed In Stock Photography

By John Martin Lund | 707 Words | Posted 7/17/2012 | Comments (1)
John Lund is one of the world’s most successful stock photographers. His images have a clean, graphic, conceptual style and generally illustrate business concepts. His images are often humorous. Using photoshop and digital tools he creates images that put people and animals in impossible situations, but they are done so skillfully that viewers often ask,  “Did that really happen?” The following are five tips for succeeding in stock photography.

Yuri Arcurs: Leading Microstock Photographer Revisited

By John Martin Lund | 2322 Words | Posted 3/10/2011 | Comments
In January of 2011 Yuri Arcurs was interviewed by John Lund and gave the following account of where his business is today. Yuri is the world’s best selling microstock photographer, has a staff of more than 50 and the overhead for his stock operation exceeds $200,000 a month.

The Case Against A Stock Photo Niche

By John Martin Lund | 815 Words | Posted 12/9/2010 | Comments (1)
Many photographers are advised to develop a specialty and find an undeveloped niche as a way to deal with the oversupply of imagery. John Lund presents the case against a stock photo niche and argues that financial success will come to the photographer who can best create images that illustrate major concepts and compete successfully with the other images.

Looking Into The Future of Motion (Video) Stock

By John Martin Lund | 637 Words | Posted 11/11/2010 | Comments
Based on some recent discussions with producers of video stock John Lund offers some thoughts on the possibilities, and limitations, of motion stock and how stock footage might fit into a photographer’s future.

The End of Stock Photography as a Career? Interview with Jim Pickerell

By John Martin Lund | 6797 Words | Posted 4/27/2010 | Comments
Jim Pickerell has a long history in stock photography as a stock shooter, an agency owner, and an industry analyst. In this wide-ranging interview he shares his experience and insight on the future of stock photography.

Multiple Income Streams For Photographers

By John Martin Lund | 571 Words | Posted 3/20/2010 | Comments
In the investment world it is a proven strategy to diversify your portfolio. The same is true as a professional photographer. This article explores different ways to diversify your income from printed coffee mugs to fine art prints to pay-for-click advertising...and the time to start is now!

Interview With Stock Shooter and Agency Owner Tom Grill

By John Martin Lund | 2015 Words | Posted 3/20/2010 | Comments
Tom discusses his strategies for success in stock photography with advice for both new and established stock photographers. He discusses what to shoot, the importance of RPI, selecting agencies and even what gear he uses.

Interview with Blend Images Founder and CEO Rick Becker-Leckrone

By John Martin Lund | 3048 Words | Posted 3/20/2010 | Comments
Rick Becker-Leckrone, CEO of Blend Images, is interviewed about his background, the success of Blend Images, and the state of the stock photo industry.

Connecting The Dots: Writing A Photo Estimate That Gets You The Job

By John Martin Lund | 642 Words | Posted 1/25/2010 | Comments
How to create estimates that get the job and build your business.

Interview with Photographer, Art Director and Editor Sarah Golonka On Succeeding In Stock Photography

By John Martin Lund | 3670 Words | Posted 1/25/2010 | Comments
Photographer, Art Director and Editor Sarah Golonka shares with us her knowledge and tips on succeeding in stock photography.

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