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October 11, 2000

Peter Howe has combined forces with a technology company in Southern California, and

will shortly offer a technology and service platform to stock agencies that will enable

them to distribute their content worldwide on the web.

The pricing for these services is still being worked out, but an announcement is

expected within a couple weeks. The basic charge for this service will be a percentage

of sales. There will be an a la carte menu of services, and agencies will be able to

choose the services they need.

The technology company has developed a database that they have been using very

successfully in the music industry. They recognized that the already developed

technology is very applicable to the stock photo industry, and thus the reason for

making this offering.

Each agency will have its own portal, with its own custom front end, which it can

promote to its customers. The back end will be maintained in a single database. One of

the major advantages to the small and medium sized agency is that they do not have to

get involved with learning and keeping up with all the technology issues. The

technology company will guarantee to maintain a server on a 24x7 basis and to make sure

that the technology used is always current.

Rightspring is a technology service provider not a content company. They do not plan to

negotiate or set prices for the sellers. Initially, they will deal only with stock

agencies who have drawn a body of content together and are prepared to keyword, market

their service, negotiate prices and handle their own collections. Rightspring will

consider dealing with certain individual photographers who have the infrastructure to

respond in a timely manner to client requests, negotiate and collect.

They expect to be up on-line by January 15th.

"Our goal is to level the technology playing field for the small supplier," says Peter

Howe. "We believe that a large percentage of the buyers want to work with smaller

organizations who supply specialist services and content. We want to help these smaller

organizations compete and remove the technology issues from consideration."

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