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The United States Copyright Office recently created an informative webpage dedicated to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; an influential law established in 1998 relating to copyright enforcement in the new digital age. The page provides a brief overview of each section of the law and its respective application.

    Section 512 - Safe Harbors and the Notice-and-Takedown System: Protects certain internet service providers from liability of the content that its users post, but also allows copyright owners to request the expedient removal of copyrighted material from the website. Provides legal direction and balance. Facilitated the expansion of the internet industry.
    Section 1201 - Anti-circumvention: Protects copyright owners from those who seek to bypass technological protection measures used by copyright owners to restrict access to their work.

    Section 1202 - Copyright Management Information Protection: Protects the legitimacy and credit inherent to copyright owners for their works. Makes it unlawful to circulate inaccurate copyright management information (title, name of the author and copyright owner, and terms for use of the work).
This educational resource is ultimately meant to alleviate a lack of understanding and promote greater awareness about online infringements, the notice-and-takedown process, and protections granted to copyright owners. Readers have access to information regarding takedown notices, links to sample documents and a direct link to the DMCA directory (the database of registered copyright agents). This is an invaluable resource for those who wish to learn more about copyright law. This new webpage on USCO reveals necessary protections granted to copyright owners in this technological age, an age where information and material is widely and, sometimes unlawfully distributed on digital platforms.

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