CORRECTION: Sheltering In Place Activities

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It turns out that the link I provided for Alamy’s list of photo needs only works for me. Readers have found that when they click on the link it simply tries to open their Google Mail page in a browser.

So here’s the list. Photographers will find that many of the suggestions will be almost impossible to shoot, particularly while “Sheltering in Place” in your own home. Nevertheless, a few of the ideas may work for a few people.


The “middle aged” (35-55) in real situations
Authentic lifestyle imagery showing the ‘everyday.’ Ideally model released
Sodastream in modern kitchen being used and on its own
MR shots of British families eating mid-week dinners
Clothing with static cling
Children breaking gender stereotypes, specifically in Australia
Child eating rice pudding
MR shots of Family eating English fry up
Authentic imagery of a virtual assistant being used in the home
Same-sex parents breastfeeding
Primary age children emptying food scraps into a worm farm
Primary age children emptying food scraps into a compost bin
Women doing martial arts in everyday clothing – model released
        (Spanish, Russian, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Age 40-55)
People using smart energy in their homes e.g. smart mete4rs
Mother checking on children sleeping
Woman with hairy armpits
Sticking generic reminder note onto fridge, different angles from behind etc.
Sticking up posters
Salt Dough Snake
Robotic vacuum with cat in the room
Robotic vacuum with dog in the room
Authentic images of people actually eating
MR shower shots with dark and moody lighting, cinematic silhouettes steam serious expressions looking at camera
Metro sexual men. Men looking after their appearance grooming etc
Woman eating Doritos

Food and Drink

Quorn burger
Large and small fries
Goon bag (slang term for cheap box wine)
Arctic Roll Cake

Plants and Garden

Yellow Sweet Pea – Lathyrus chloranthus
Allium obliquum, Eurasian species of wild onion
Oxblood lilies
A series of venus flytrap images showing plant eating a fly
Houseplant propagation, step by step instructional images



People interacting with AI in the home ideally non-branded
Authentic imagery of people engaging with online security
ExoLens, camera lens attachment for iPhones
Google Pixel 3
Tynker app
iPhone X Face ID
HQ Trivia, Live Game Show App

Objects and Still Life

Rugby skull cap
Recycled skipping rope
Mousetrap board game
Cuisenaire rods, hands-on mathematics learning aid for students
RF mantelpiece with clock etc. on
Pogs old children’s toy?Toilet Roll Doll

Covid-19 Specific

Empty sup0ermarket shelves
Covid-19 pop up hospitals
Drive through coronavirus testing
Empty streets
Reduced levels of passengers on public transport
Empty/quiet landmarks and usual hotspots
Empty/closed bars restaurants
If it’s happening, people not adhering to the no gathering rules

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