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It should come as no surprise that, in recent years, online waiver forms and model releases have grown in popularity, especially during the past year. They’ve made it much easier to collect information while maintaining pandemic-approved standards. The stock photo industry, for example, has benefitted from online photo release forms. It provides an effective and efficient way to collect releases from models and online waivers will continue to be utilized as a better approach to signature-collecting. 


For photographers and other entrepreneurs, release forms are often overlooked and mistakenly assumed as unimportant. Collecting these forms will not only build your brand’s professionalism, but will protect you—the business owner—from possible lawsuits or liabilities. Transferring the entire process to an online photo release will provide a solution for any inconvenience and remain error-free, accessible, and easy.


Once you’ve set up a  that incorporates all the relevant information needed, all you have to do is share the link with your models or subjects. The form can be sent via email or text message and users can sign it using their phone or other convenient method within minutes. Once a release form has been signed, a copy can be sent directly to your client for online record keeping.


One of the best parts about electronic signatures is that you can easily access and share a copy of a signed agreement with anyone who may need access to it. The transition to all-online is a simple one and will allow any entrepreneur a chance to focus on real growth without the worry of unwanted legal issues.


Online Waivers Made Easy


One of the biggest struggles of running a business, whether photography or other business that deals with both physical subjects and virtual service,  is the incessant amount of paperwork that comes with it.  Online waivers take the stress out of the process and make it easy to keep everything in one secure space. They are also easy to administer, and can be signed from anywhere in the world. 


With online waivers comes the ability to quickly organize documents in one easy-to-reach place for any important data you would like stored, for yourself or your clients. Electronic release forms even allow clients and businesses to edit the information on a form after it's been completed. The originally signed copy remains in your database, and the new information is added to it for accuracy, as well as for convenience, making it easy to reference at any time. This is especially advantageous for models or subjects that you work with on a regular basis.


Collect Electronic Releases Anywhere


During the past year, the worldwide pandemic has made it difficult to work in person and now many people are adapting to working remotely long term. Online waivers provide businesses in photography and other fields with a simple solution that allows for contactless signing of the agreement, meaning safe and effective business dealings can continue. During a time of rapid and abrupt change, online waivers provide the ability to adapt as smoothly as possible.


WaiverFile is the leading provider of online waivers. Their focus is on producing exceptional software and providing world-class customer support. By making their software easy to use, they provide a simple solution for anyone in need of a way to collect online release forms while offering peace of mind that they have a team of industry professionals ready to back them up and answer any questions they have. 


If you think our release forms could be of use to your photography business, please reach out with any questions and we’ll help you get started. Mention Selling Stock to receive your first month free.

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