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You can access full versions of articles on this site by purchasing credits or you can gain access to all articles and archives by purchasing a subscription. For a more detailed explanation of each option see the information on the right.

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There are two ways to access the full articles on this site. One is to purchase a subscription. The other is to purchase individual articles using a system of credits.

Subscription Option

Subscriptions of three months and six months are available. If you think you will want to read most of the articles on the site then a subscription will be the least expensive and most convenient way to get access. With a subscription you also have full access to the 15 years of archived stories on the site. Easy access to the archives is useful as there are links to earlier stories within many current stories. If you use the credit system additional credits will be deducted from your account every time you want to read an earlier story.

Subscribers receive an email with a link whenever we post a new story (usually daily).

Subscription Seat Licenses

Subscribers must have Seat Licenses if they wish to share stories, either electronically or in printed form, with more than one other person.
Contact us at wvz@fpcubgbf.pbz for rates.

Credit Option

The credit system is designed for those who are only interested in reading a few stories, or who wish to test out the offering before making a subscription commitment. If you expect to be reading more than a few stories the subscription option is the better value. Stories normally cost 1, 2 or 3 credits depending on their length and the work required in gathering the information. Credits are good for one year from the date of purchase.

The number of remaining credits in your account will appear in the upper right corner of the home page. Credits will be automatically deducted each time you read a story. Once you have purchased a story you can return and refer to it as often as you like for no additional charge.

Credit purchasers receive an email every Saturday with links and brief descriptions of each story published during the week.

Free Updates

If you are not prepared to purchase credits, but would like to receive a FREE email notification each Saturday of stories published during the week click here to give us your email address.

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