Jackson Releases 'Photobuyer's Handbook'

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The Photobuyer's Handbook, written by longtime image-industry analyst, consultant and author Julian Jackson, is a 102-page e-book that provides an overview of the stock business, with an emphasis on photo research. Image users, such as researchers, designers and art directors, are the primary audience, but it can be useful for suppliers, stock agencies and service providers.

The Handbook offers a state-of-the-industry perspective by a 25-year industry vet. Jackson covers typical image uses, licensing structures, rights and ownership, the differences between digital and analog imagery, a diverse range of technical issues and Internet image-search techniques. Written in accessible language, the e-book defines common industry terms, offers descriptions and links to numerous online resources and has pop-up "newbie notes" for recent transplants.

His overview of the search methods available to buyers is helpful. The Handbook explain the nature of algorhythms, meta-search and image-search engines, the Invisible Web (i.e., information contained in proprietary databases, which is not visible to the usual crawlers) and how to tweak Boolean keywords to get the most relevant results. In addition, the Handbook covers insider subjects, including image archiving and the longevity of digital files.

The material is timely, global and well researched. Jackson devotes time to orphan works and the related concept of due diligence, both currently under heated debate.

The Photobuyer's Handbook is sold through Jackson's Web site in two editions: American and the author's native British English.

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