PhotoShelter Wants Submissions for New Collection

Posted on 9/18/2007 by Julia Dudnik Stern | Printable Version | Comments (0)

With the launch of the PhotoShelter Collection, the company that previously specialized in providing online archiving and e-commerce solutions has gone into the business of stock licensing.

According to CEO Allen Murabayashi, photographers have been limited, "because the existing outlets are either too exclusive, artificially cap the image values or have pay-to-play schemes." Using its archiving, distribution and e-commerce technologies, PhotoShelter plans to provide independent photographers with a commercially viable alternative to traditional and micro-payment agencies.

Though it already has a loyal following of over 16,000 pro customers, PhotoShelter is working hard to differentiate itself from others. It promises minimum pricing of $50 per image, professional photo editing support and access to commercial buyers. It plans to spend $1 million on marketing to such buyers during the first year. The PhotoShelter Collection will accept work from amateurs and professionals, paying contributors 70% of each transaction.

The company is pitching pros on its commitment to industry standards, fair pricing and mutual trust-music to the ears of shooters watching their living diminish as prices fall and more images enter the market. Talented and serious amateurs will be rewarded with professional support and education on licensing schemes, rights and going rates.

Submitting to the PhotoShelter Collection is free. After initial approval by a team of commercial editors, photographers will be able to upload as many images as they wish and set their own image pricing. As an incentive, images submitted before November 4 will be commissioned at 85% for the first six months.

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