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The following are concept words that customers often use to find images. When keywording an image add as many concepts as are appropriate to the keyword list. If after searching the concept list you cannot find any words that that fit your image there is a good chance your images will not be a frequent seller. When planning shoots try to take pictures that will illustrate some of these concepts.

Abundance Enthusiasm Hot Reliability
Action Envoronment Icon Research & Development
Active Environmental Imagination Responsibility
Affection Equality Independence Rest
Aging Eternal Insurance Risk
Americana Eternity Integrity Role Model
Balance Everlasting Intelligence Romance
Banking Evil International Save
Barbarity Excellence Intimacy Safety
Beach Exotic Involvement Satisfied
Beauty Faith Joy Savagery
Birth Family Togetherness Kindness Saving
Bright Family Values Large Saving Our Schools
Built Tough Farm Fresh Latest Technology Security
Carefree Fastest Leadership Senior Citizen (active)
Caring Fear Learning Separation
Celebrations Financial Reward Leisure Service
Change Fine Craftsmanship Liveliness Sharing
Childhood First Loan Sharing Insights
Choice Forever Loneliness Shopping
Cold Freedom Love Simplicity
Colorful Fresh Love One Another Soft
Communicating Frustration Lust Speed
Communication Fun Luxurious Stability
Competition Future Male Bonding Strength
Computer Age Futuristic Mentor Stress
Concentration Generation Gap Momentum Success
Concerned Generation X Motherhood Surprise
Confidence Gentleman Farmer Mother's Care Sweet
Conflict Get-Away Motivation Teamwork
Cool Getting Away From It All Newness Technology
Cooperation Gift Nostalgia Tenderness
Couples Glamour Old Fashioned The Good Life
Courage Global Old Love Three Generations
Craftsmanship God Optimism Time
Danger Golden Years Order Togetherness
Dependability Good Life Organization Trust
Desire Grays On The Go Out of Balance Vastness
Desolation Greed Pain Victory
Determination Greening of America Parenting Wall (Rock, Fence)
Difficult Growth Participation Warm
Disaster Happiness Patience We Work For You
Diversity Hard Peace Wealth
Dry Hard Work Peace of Mind Wet
Durable Healthcare Pollution Wholesome
Ecology Healthy Power Winning
Education Height (Peak, #1) Pride Wisdom
Effort High Tech Pure Work
Elderly Holiday Purity Working Class
Elegant (Fine) Honesty Rare Working Together
Energy Hope Reality Young Live
Entertainment Hostile Recycle Youth

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