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Posted on 6/1/2020 by Jim Pickerell | Printable Version | Comments (0)

I’ve been on hiatus for about a month. My wife and I have just sold the home where we’ve lived for 42 years and moved into a condo apartment about one-third the size of our former residence. Making such a move, only about five miles from where we formerly lived, and getting rid of a huge amount of the stuff that we’ve collected over the yearshas been a challenge.

To make matters worse, we chose to do this while everyone was in lockdown and “sheltering in place.” That made it increasingly difficult to get many things done. A lot of what we wanted to get rid of could be useful to others. We were prepared to donate many items, but all the places that accept donations have been closed. Thus, it has been necessary to rent a storage space to hold this stuff until the donation sites open and we can give it away. The joys of our changing world.

Anyway, while I haven’t written much in May 2020, I don’t think I missed much. I’m healthy, back in business, and ready to offer suggestions as to how professional photographers should try to navigate our changing world and the new business environment we will face in the next year or so.

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