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March 6, 1998

Many photographers think they won't need agents when WEB selling takes off. Some things to think


Your site will need many top quality images, or buyers won't come. Someone has to scan, keyword

and generally produce

and manage the site, as well as

be available at least 9 hours a day to answer phones, take orders and pull images.

Set up automatic on-line delivery to avoid the pull and you pay computer programmers for expensive

software instead of a

stock agent. If you pull, the

images must be shipped, tracked while out, return reminders sent (and occasional legal action) and

refiled when they come


You must get faxed credit references before delivery or risk losing your slides, negotiate prices

(particularly difficult

if the sale is overseas),

bill, call some clients repeatedly to get paid and bring legal action when the above fails.

Option: Only accept credit

card sales and forfeit your

best customers. You spend time saying NO to buyers who believe they have a right to pay little or

nothing to use your


You must market the site to let the good customers know it exists. You will need staff, office

machines, computers (try

to keep them working),

supplies, phone lines, insurance -- and suddenly you are a mini-agent.


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