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Early next year 10 to 15 aspiring commercial photographers will be offered an amazing three year FREE education in the technical and business aspects of commercial photography as part of the Yuri Arcurs International Commercial Photography Academy. Yuri is the most successful microstock photographer in the world.

To qualify a photographer must be accepted for participation in a 2 week boot camp that will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. The organizers expect to receive 500 applications. Approximately 100 applicants will be chosen to participate in the boot camp which will be part of a reality TV production.

Photographers participating in the boot camp must:
    •   Arrange for their accommodations and travel into Cape Town for the duration of the boot camp and be able to stay for the entire two weeks.
    •   Bring a digital SLR camera that can produce at least 10 mega pixel images.
    •   Bring at least one 50mm or 85mm lens with an aperture of no less than 2.0
    •   Bring at least 16Gb of memory for the camera (CF preferred).
    •   Be able to dedicate 3 years of their life for this education beginning Jaunary 23, 2012. (Half of each year will be spent in Cape Town and the other half will be spent in other parts of the world.)
    •   Have no criminal record or any other criteria that would not allow them to travel in Europe or other places.
The program is privately funded. Participants will be given a first class photography education from some of the industry’s leading experts. They will work on real projects and have interactions with clients and top models. Food, basic accommodation, internet, Mac computers and camera equipment will be provided to the students during the 3-year period. There will also be the possibility of earning pocket money based on performance. And, not least of all participants will also have a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience and travel to exotic locations.

Successful candidates will have to prove they are motivated, ambitious and bright. They must apply to no later than December 1, 2011 and mark the mail “Photography student”. The email should include:
    •   A motivation letter telling why the applicant is interested in this education
    •   Their curriculum vitae
    •   Reference letters from pervious employers
    •   A photograph of themselves
    •   A statement showing a clean criminal record
A photographic background is not required.

For more information check out

The best candidates will be offered a job at Yuri Arcurs Photography after graduation.

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