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September 7, 2002

PACA, the Picture Agency Council of America, is pleased to announce a
new leadership team that brings a fresh focus and renewed strength to the international
organization. Emerging from a recent three day planning retreat in the mountains of Pennsylvania,
PACA's Executive Committee has reorganized itself, reevaluated its role in the industry,
rewritten the organization's bylaws and begun recruiting a new group of volunteers.

PACA moves forward despite dealing with a pair of recent setbacks. The trade organization
experienced a severe revenue shortfall late last year when attendance to its International
Conference plummeted in direct response to September 11. And the recently elected PACA president,
Patrick Donehue (Corbis) was forced to resign soon after taking office due to a severe health

"We were all saddened and apprehensive about Patrick's condition," stated Sonia Wasco (Grant
Heilman Photography), PACA's Immediate Past President. "But he's very determined and is
recovering well. We're glad to know that he will continue to be involved as soon as he is able.
His commitment to the organization is inspiring."

Moving up from vice-president to the office of president is Cathy Aron (Photo Network Stock).
"It's not one of the easiest transitions we've ever had, but I am committed to the success of our
organization, and so is the wonderful group of volunteers working with me in the Executive

Rounding out PACA's new leadership team are: Jeffrey Burke (PictureArts), Vice President; Dexter
Lane (Peter Arnold, Inc), Secretary; Roger Ressmeyer (Getty Images), Member-At-Large; and Jeff
Schultz (Alaska Stock) steps up to the demanding position of Treasurer. Patrick Donehue moves to

"We became too dependent on Conference revenues for our operating expenses. That's a situation
we won't get into again," says Treasurer Jeff Schultz. PACA's highly successful annual
International Conferences had become an increasingly important source of revenue for the
organization. Unfortunately, the conference in 2001 occurred just weeks following September 11th,
and attendance dropped a whopping 47%, causing a severe revenue shortage. Decisive action on the
part of the new Executive Committee, including a successful "Capital Campaign for PACA" has
stabilized the organization's financial situation. "PACA is here for the long haul," adds

One effect of the revenue crisis was the Committee decision to eliminate the paid staff position
of Executive Director. "We're a real volunteer organization now," said Vice President Jeffrey
Burke. "All the things that we just relied on the staff to take care of we have had to rethink
and handle ourselves. In the long run we will be a much stronger organization for it."

New initiatives are being announced at a steady pace. In June PACA unveiled a newly formatted
eMail newsletter with more content and features than previously published. This past July a bold
plan to move the 2002 PACA International Conference out of New York was announced, to the delight
of many. "We polled our International Members and found that they were getting pretty tired of
New York City," stated Chris Ferrone (Xenofile), the International Conference organizer. "So
after some research and discussion we settled on Miami Beach. It's going to be great conference,"
he predicts.

There are immediate plans to revive "PACA-Talk," the private discussion forum for PACA members,
as well as a complete overhaul of the website ( And PACA's ongoing
commitment to monitor and report legal and legislative developments remains absolute. "We expect
that the next few years will see PACA grow increasingly relevant to our diverse membership, and
stronger as the voice of our industry," said Secretary Dexter Lane.

For additional information PACA can be contacted at PO Box 309, Chatham, NY 12037, Phone (518)
Fax (518) 392-9131,

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