OnAsia Upgrades Keywording Software

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OnAsia has released a significant upgrade to its Windows-based Image Keyworder software that includes a customized Alamy Mode for users submitting images to the UK-based photo agency.

This is the only commercially available software tailored to accommodate Alamy's specific annotation requirements. It enables Alamy contributors to work on batches of images and thus speed the workflow for getting images online.

"When Alamy announced that it was changing its metadata requirements, we saw an opportunity to customize our Image Keyworder for a very specific group of users. Alamy was extremely supportive throughout this process, and we now hope that its contributors will see the benefits of the customised functionality we have provided," explained Yvan Cohen, OnAsia director.

Image Keyworder comes bundled with a thesaurus comprising over 40,000 terms, including synonyms, alternate forms, spelling variations and singulars and plurals. With a single click, it is now possible to add several relevant terms to an image. The thesaurus is continually being enriched and updated.

"Throughout the development of Image Keyworder, we have aimed to create a tool that is tailored closely to the needs of digital photographers faced with the challenge of indexing their images and submitting to online agencies," said Cohen.

Alan Capel, Alamy's head of content added: "We like OnAsia because, like us, they are interested in helping the photographer navigate through the perilous waters of submitting images. We were delighted that we could work together to deliver a solution specific to Alamy. We believe that Image Keyworder is a valuable tool."

Image Keyworder can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial from www.imagekeyworder.com. The trial includes full functionality and access to Image Keyworder's comprehensive built-in thesaurus.

An Image Keyworder license for two computers costs $79.99, including a 12-month thesaurus subscription valued at $39.99.

Groups of images can be processed in batches, templates can be created and saved for repeat image types. Keywords can be selectively added and removed from sets of images.

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