Ads On the Net

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Ads on the Net

March, 1996 - Net advertising is becoming big business. When you have a picture used either as
editorial or advertising material you should consider what the publications are
charging advertisers to place an ad in their space.

Below are what a few publications charge along with their hits and visits. You
can get a more complete list and more detailed information at Rosalind Resnick's
IPA site:

Conde Nast Traveler
-- $2,000 to $10,000 per month

55,109 hits/day 10,067 visits/day 1,487 visitors/day

-- $5,000 per month $10,000 (8 weeks)

30,000 hits/day

(The Washington Post reported that in November 1995 they had 13,000,000 hits and
almost 500,000 visitors.)

Editor & Publisher
-- $2,500 per month

40,000 hits/day

-- $12,000 per month, 13,000 visits/day

-- $3,500 to $20,000 per month

PC World
-- $12,000 per month

-- $10,000/month $30,000 to $50,000 per quarter

200,000 hits/day

Popular Mechanics
-- $4,875 per month, 70,000 hits/day

Christian Science Monitor
-- $2,500 per month

17,160 hits/day 907 visits/day 816 visitors/day

Time Magazine
-- $10,000 to $30,000 per month

17,000 visits/day

Internet guides and navigational services

-- $10,000 per month

400,000 visitors/day

-- $20,000 per month

3,000,000 hits/day 3,000,000 visits/day 300,000 visitors/day

Remember, the editorial content is what brings readers to these sites. Your content
makes the site worth visiting. Therefore, you should be fairly compensated.

Is Anyone Reading These Ads?

Many say that no one is reading the online ads. The same can be said about the ads
in magazines and newspapers, particularly if many subscribers don't open the publication
on a given day or week or search through it totally.

Advertisers are spending money so they must think it is worth their while.

One advantage of a company advertising on-line is that once a reader decides that
he or she wants more information about the company the company can easily immediately
provide the reader with extensive information on all the products or services the
company has to offer. They are not forced to one narrowly defined pitch due to lack of

In addition the company can easily track the number of people interested in various
products. They can also invite the user to provide name and address information
if they want more details, or if they want to talk to a salesperson.

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