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Since publishing “Next Step For Corbis Photographers” last week, I’ve been contacted by a number of agents interested in talking to Corbis photographers who might be looking for somewhere else to place their work.

It is important for Corbis photographers to recognize that they don’t have to sit and wait until VCG or Getty contacts them with an offer (which may be a long wait). Even if they have a exclusive contract with a termination date that stretches far into the future it is probably “image exclusive,” not “photographer exclusive.” Image exclusive that the images in the existing collection are exclusive to Corbis, but the photographer is free to place new images with a different distributor.

I also suspect that if VCG or Getty can’t demonstrate that they are “actively representing” a photographer’s images that would be grounds for termination. Photographers have not placed their images with Corbis just to have them buried and held out of the market.

The following is a list of agents who would like to speak with Corbis photographers. Readers should feel free to share the following list with any Corbis photographer who may not be reading this newsletter. I may be adding to this list from time to time so check back freqently

U.K. Based but with sales offices in U.S. and Australia. There are barriers to entry other than a technical standard on the stock side that any Corbis photographer will be more than comfortable with. In addition, Alamy has a growing presence in Editorial Live News and is adding to it's strength in the secondary Editorial market. All photographers are one 50/50 deal. Alamy provide great tools and first rate support.

Specializes in outdoor adventure, exotic travel, dynamic lifestyles and nature's beauty. The company prides itself on authenticity and quality. They are about all things outdoor and the spirit of freedom and excitement that comes with a healthy and active lifestyle.
Headquarters in Portland, Maine

Gallery Stock
Gallery Stock hosts just under 500,000 highly curated images, most collected from prominent advertising assignment photographers. They have over 1,000 contributors and their own shoot programs. Former Getty and Corbis creative directors manage Gallery Stock’s shoot programs. In 2014 we are acquired by Trunk Archive and now part of larger intuitive Great Bowery.
Headquartered in New York

Provides commercial photographers with access to the largest distribution network in the industry. Every contributor is assigned their own highly-experienced Art Director, offering an inside line on what’s selling and what’s trending.
Headquarters in London

Newscom has more than 70 million photos, graphics, illustrations and text stories from nearly 200 of the world's top publishers and content creators in the multimedia industry. Newscom uses the latest in content-delivery technology to provide up-to-the-minute news and visuals to more than 5,000 customers in 106 countries. While Newscom is primarily focused on supplying editorial users they also represent a significant collection of stock images.

Redux Pictures
Redux Pictures is an independent commercial and editorial photo agency based in New York City with photographers located around the world. The company is more focused on editorial than commercial, and currently has 28 partner agencies globally.   They also do commercial shoots including contemporary annual reports for Goldman Sachs, USAA, and ad campaigns for PNC Bank, Siemens and Zappos. Contact info: erfrnepu@erqhkcvpgherf.pbz
Headquartered in New York

Robert Harding World Imagery
The agency specializes in commercial high end photography and video material that relates to travel, nature, culture and the environment.
Headquarters in London

ScienceSource and its parent Photo Researchers, Inc. have been serving markets with a highly curated collection of natural, physical and life sciences photos and illustrations for almost 60 years.
They pay 50% royalties to exclusive contributors and 40% to those who are non-exclusive. They distribute worldwide through a network of partner agencies. They work extensively with textbook and pharmaceutical companies.
Headquartered in New York

ZUMA Press
The largest independent Editorial Picture Agency in the World, specializes in in-depth coverage and premium News, Entertainment, Sports, Portraiture and Reportage photography and photojournalism and staffed 24/7/365. Run by top professional photojournalists and picture editors.  Representing over 2,100 top editorial photographers globally, who add 15,000 new images every 24 hours, to its collection of over 30 million images available on for clients in every country in the world. Check out the daily best in shows: Pictures That Must be SEEN at, updated every 15 minutes. Also visit the award winning weekly eZine: for Stories That Need to Be Told. Photographers enjoy a 50-50 split and keep all rights to their images and work with best picture editors in the business. ZUMA has partners in over 60 countries and works with every top media outlet in the world.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices around the globe.

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