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January 9, 2003

The following are some useful resources if you are trying to get started in digital
still photography, or if you're already doing it and have questions.

Probably the single best place for the photographer to get information about digital
capture and its potential is Rob Galbraith's site at
www.robgalbraith.com This site
offers many resources for problem solving and is a tremendous resource for the
photographer considering purchasing or using a Nikon, Canon, Kodak professional
level digital camera or any of the other attendant hardware and software needed to
effectively operate such a piece of equipment.

One of the most useful features of this site is the Forum where people regularly ask
questions and get answers from other pros on technical questions and problems that
arise. There are over 10,000 photographers registered on this Forum and it seems that
when someone has a problem someone else usually jumps in quickly with a suggested
solution. The archives date back to January 2000 providing information on almost every
conceivable problem. The site also has a very efficient design and search engine.

If there is any point to criticize this site it is that it has too much information.
At first look it is overwhelming. But that, to a certain extent, is the nature of
digital. You can do so much more with it, but it will never be as simple as some of
the manual processes.

Maybe B. Moose Peterson said it best in his book The D1 Generation , "It is
incredibly tempting to take our knowledge of how film, film cameras, and in particular
previous Nikon film SLRs have worked and jump to conclusions about (how digital)
should or shouldn't work. The results can be very frustrating and not very fruitful.
Digital is a different medium. By taking the time to learn the basic principles of how
digital imaging works you will be way ahead of everyone who is waiting around until
'they build a digital camera that works like my film camera.' It'll never happen, and
if it did, you wouldn't want one -- as it would miss out on all the truly wonderful
advantages of shooting digital!"

Additional Valuable Links


Andrew Rodney's tips and tricks and information on color
management are very helpful

www.creativepro/com/story/feature/14331.html> ?cprose=2-36

ACDSEE browser program

browser software - DigitalPro Professional Edition

fotostation browser

Photo Mechanic browser MAC version. A PC
version will be available early in 2003

Genuine Fractals

Band Aide to clean up noise on high ISO files.


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