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MAY 20, 1998

Garry Adams, president of Stock Imagery, has called in an outside consultant to review their

"Imagegate" technology for distributing images on the web. This consultant will be asked to

totally re-evaluate where they should go from here in terms of internet distribution.

Chief operating officer, Phil Lawson; creative director, Pamela Lawson; comptroller, Chuck Reilly

and Tony Craighead, who handled some of the scanning have all been terminated.

According to Adams, "four or five outside companies have been involved in designing the "Imagegate"

software and they are way behind on their contracts. Costs have gotten out of hand."

In addition to "Imagegate" Stock Imagery had been developing a spinoff called "Weddinggate." This

is also behind schedule and since Weddinggate is not related to Stock Imagery's primary business,

Adams says they will no longer pursue that line of business.

Stock Imagery has more than 40 agencies handling their catalog around the world and they have

recently established a satellite office in New York. All other U.S. sales are handled out of their

Denver headquarters.


Phil Lawson

Members of my former staff and I have been encouraged by the support

that we have received from the stock photo industry since our totally

unexpected dismissal from Stock Imagery.

We ourselves were shocked when

just before we were to complete a management buyout of Stock Imagery,

just weeks before the new catalog the staff had worked their hearts out

on for months was to go to press and as agencies and photographers were

embracing the ImageGate product, 15 members of the Stock Imagery team

were dismissed without notice.

The following is contact information for any agencies, photographers or individuals

that may need to contact any of us. Phone 303-355-7809, email

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