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September 12, 2005

Stock Photography Pipeline Begins Flowing

StockPipeline has opened the spigot for photographers, artist's reps and small stock photo agencies by providing low-cost/hi-res hosting, e-commerce and image fulfillment in a centralized platform. This fundamental solution for conducting the business of stock photo licensing online exceptionally offers image creators and their agents total control over the commercial aspects of their imagery, and 100% royalties on their photo licenses. tapped into the stock photography industry's first global content licensing and rights control software which launched in 2000, then added essential elements to offer a completely automated, artist-controlled business platform for the licensing of stock photos. The technology acts as a backend that supports the individual web sites of each participant, like the engine of a car that can take any body on its framework.

Image suppliers benefit by maintaining of their brand and direct relationships with their clients, and from online keywording and captioning, optional user control of pricing, online sales tracking, direct client invoicing and instant email notification upon each image license.

The image upload process lets images flow online without restriction, using drag and drop image upload and auto extraction of metadata from IPTC/File Info. Automation creates the thumbnail and preview images for display in pages of search results and also resizes all images to be a standardized 56 MB file size to satisfy client demand.

Picture researchers and other image users who search the web sites of participants enjoy the benefits of centralized technology, such as fast search speeds, eight language search and the unique user-controlled resizing of images upon download. is technology sales tool, not a marketing channel. To assist the essential need of marketing, it has made special arrangements with, the stock photo search engine that is rapidly growing marketing for image suppliers with its 100% royalty model. Those who leverage their direct marketing via the Stock Photo Finder will receive a $100 discount on the setup fees at, as well as the perfect fit of an e-commerce platform that is ideally suited for direct marketing.

Prices for the Stock Pipeline begin at $50 per month for up to 1,000 high-resolution images. Monthly rates increase at $5.00 per 100 images. There is a one-time setup fee of $200, which is discounted for members of the marketing search engine or the Stock Artists Alliance trade association ( A low transaction fee that is paid by those who license the image applies for image downloads. provides an ecommerce base for creators who want an online photo licensing business. is the first search engine in the vertical stock photography industry.

For more information contact Randy Taylor at or call 212 463-8300.

SuperStock's Purestock Collection To Be Offered By NewsCom

SuperStock Inc., a subsidiary of a21, Inc. has announced an agreement with NewsCom (, a joint venture of Knight Ridder and Tribune Media Services and leaders in providing publishers with high quality content from a variety of sources.

Through the agreement, SuperStock will provide NewsCom with 6,000 images from its Purestock Royalty-Free collection including images depicting business, lifestyle, sports, retail and communications. Purestock provides a wide range of images for all requirements.

"In the highly competitive publishing world today, the demand for fresh, affordable and compelling images to illustrate a broad variety of news, commentary and other communications is insatiable," said Bill Creighton, General Manager, NewsCom. "Adding the SuperStock collection to NewsCom's image catalogue will enhance the quality and breadth of content in some of our most popular subject areas."

"NewsCom is an exciting new outlet for our Purestock brand," said Thomas V. Butta, Vice Chairman and President of a21 and CEO of SuperStock. "Supplying high-quality images to some of the world's largest publishers and news organizations makes excellent use of the depth, breadth and exclusivity of our Purestock collection and offers a real alternative in high quality content to this important market."

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. SuperStock content will be available through NewsCom beginning in September and new images will continually be added with the growth of the Purestock collection.

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