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February 13, 2007

Getty Images, Inc. gathered leaders from top U.S. Hispanic advertising agencies and publications for the inaugural meeting of Creativisimo!, a series of industry discussion groups convened to gauge the future imagery needs of visual communicators.

"In order to maintain relevance, visual language must adapt alongside cultural shifts triggered by a rapidly changing U.S. population," said Freya Barea, director of marketing at Getty Images. "As the only imagery provider with an in-house Creative Research department, we are uniquely equipped to initiate this conversation and take it to the next level."

Participants in the first session of Creativisimo! included:

  • Aldo Quevedo, president and CCO, Dieste Harmel & Partners

  • Mauricio Galvan-Zamuido, managing partner / creative director, The
    Vidal Partnership

  • Susan Jaramillo, chief creative officer / co-founder, Latinvox, Inc.

  • Luz de Armas, executive creative director, HispanAmerica

  • Michelle Aragon, president / chief creative officer, Aragon

  • Diana Ocasio, vice president / creative director, Accent Marketing

  • Andres F. Cortes, design director / co-founder, Latinvox, Inc.

  • Ramon Veras, publisher, Un Chin Magazine

  • Horacio Gavilan, executive director, AHAA

  • Denise Waggoner, vice president of creative research, Getty Images

  • Freya Barea, director of marketing, Getty Images

  • Jorge Ortega, president, The Jeffrey Group

Creativismo! was held in collaboration with AHAA, the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies. The session focused on: the state of the industry -- hot topics, trends and impending changes; how imagery needs differ between U.S. Hispanic agencies and non Hispanic agencies; recognizing intra-cultural diversity; how to tap into the experience-rich Latino photographer community to reveal the deeper emotional values that resonate within the market; and understanding U.S. Hispanic stereotypes and the role they play in visual communication.

"Part of our mission at AHAA is to raise awareness of Hispanic market opportunities," said Carl Kravetz, chairman of AHAA and chairman and chief strategic officer of cruz/kravetz:IDEAS. "Representation of U.S. Latino ethnic groups in advertising imagery and the availability of relevant content are important to the Hispanic advertising industry. AHAA's participation in Creativisimo! will help keep our members in touch with significant trends and topics."

"Getty Images is the first in the industry to approach the subject of culturally relevant U.S. Hispanic imagery and we are very excited to be part of this project," said Aldo Quevedo, president and CCO of Dieste Harmel & Partners. "Not only is Creativisimo! a great way to bring together industry leaders to discuss a pressing issue, but it is also a very important step toward a better and brighter future for U.S. Hispanic representation in
creative imagery."

Joining the discussion was Denise Waggoner, vice president of creative research at Getty Images. Denise recently returned from a speaking tour in Latin America where she delivered a keynote address at El Ojo de Iberoamerica, the most influential South American advertising festival. Prior to that she presented at the Festival de la Publicidad, a highly recognized advertising festival in Mexico. She addressed the future of dvertising imagery based on the cutting edge research methodology her team is implementing across the globe.

"In anticipation of our customers' imagery needs we are always looking to reveal new and emerging trends," Waggoner said. "For instance, the younger generation of U.S. Hispanics does not relate well to the images used to advertise to their parents -- they seek an image of their own that doesn't feel so foreign yet upholds their heritage."

An ongoing series of high-level discussions about U.S. Hispanic imagery needs will convene throughout the year. Subsequent meetings will take place in major cities across the country.

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