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April 9, 2000

PACA (Picture Agency Council of America) wants to know what you think. They want to know
the Best and the Worst things about picture agencies you deal with. You will be receiving
a two page survey form from PACA in the near future. Please fill it out and return it.

Each year at their annual meeting (June in Los Angeles this year) the PACA agencies try to
find some way to get a sense of what their photographers are thinking. Often the members
have listened to a panel of name photographers (usually top producers with their various
agencies) talk about their experiences with their agencies. The members have recognized
that what they hear in these session may not be a totally accurate picture of what the
AVERAGE photographer is thinking.

This year they have decided to survey a broad cross section of photographers. Responses
are sent to the PACA office and the only person who will see the raw data is the PACA
administrator. You can be absolutely confident that your agent will never know the source
if you find it necessay to criticize something your agent is doing.

The data will be collated and presented at the annual meeting. If
you include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your survey the survey results and a
summary of the discussions at the PACA annual meeting will be mailed to you.

If the questions don't deal directly with issues you feel are important don't hesitate to
write and send in other comments. This is a major opportunity for photographers to share
their concerns with the major stock agents in the U.S. It is a chance to reach, in a
non-threatening and risk free way, the people who have a major controlling interest over
your livelihood.

This opportunity may not come again soon. Don't pass it up. If you don't receive a copy
of the survey in the mail and would like to fill it out you can call of fax Lonnie
Schroeder at: phone 507-645-6988 or fax: 507-645-7066.

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