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July 20, 2002

One of the sellers on E-bay is offering hard drives loaded with Royalty Free images. His most
recent sale was an 80GB Maxtor firewire Mac/PC external drive in perfect condition with over 60
RF titles for $760.00.

According to regular E-bay users this is not the first time this seller has offered such a
package. Clearly this is illegal and some RF companies have contacted E-bay asking that they
cancel the auction privileges of this person. So far E-bay has done nothing.

Information about the latest auction on July 17th can be found at

The titles that were available on this drive were:

Stock Footage:

Eyewire Hip Business

Eyewire Metaform

Eyewire Road Trips

Eyewire Reflections of Light

Eyewire Hypervision

Eyewire Backstage

Eyewire Senses

Eyewire Criminals

Eyewire Edit Effects

Eyewire Texture Effects

Digital Vision Blast

Digital Vision X-Posed

Artbeats Film Clutter

Artbeats Reel Explosions 3

Artbeats Los Angeles Aerials

Artbeats Aerial Special FX

Artbeats Space and Planets

Artbeats Senior Lifestyles

ThinkStock Urban Business

ThinkStock Young Adults

ThinkStock Communications

ThinkStock Health and Beauty

Stock Photography:

Photodisc: Vivid Faces

Photodisc: Wired Business

Photodisc: Contemporary Health

Photodisc: Studio Geometry

Photodisc: Memorable moments

Photodisc: Skan/9 Abstractions

Photodisc 38: The Object series Objects of Nature

Photodisc 50: Going on Holiday

Photodisc Background Series 16: Wow and Flutter

Photodisc The Object Series: Everyday Objects 1

Photodisc The Object Series No.3: Faces and Hands

Photodisc The Object Series No.13: Just Flowers

Photodisc 50: Going on Holiday

Photodisc 9: Holidays and Celebrations

Photodisc Background Series 15: Elements

Photodisc Background Series 18: Metal Works

Photodisc 5: World Commerce and Travel

Photodisc: Backgrounds and Textures Volume 3

Photodisc Signature Series 14: Cultural Arts

Photodisc 81: Digital Revolution

Photodisc: Studio Geometry

Photodisc SS16: Everyday People

Photodisc BS34 Luminosity

Rubberball: faces volume1

Stockbyte CD 42 Busy People 4

Digital Vision: Eye of the Beholder

Digital Vision: Lifestyles

Digital Vision: Velocity

Digital Vision: Naked and Scared

Digital Vision: Fusion: Prototype

Digital Vision: Metropolis

Digital Vision: Circuit Breaker

Digital Vision: Inner Gaze

Digital Vision: Critical Mass

Digital Vision: Fast Forward

Digital Vision: High on Life

Digital Vision: Business Communications

Artville: Cool Stuff

Artville: Business Relations

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