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May 9, 2000

Corbis announced on Monday the acquisition of Sharpshooters, a privately-owned,

Miami-based stock photography agency. Sharpshooters is internationally known for its premium

stock photography targeted for advertising. Their collection includes contemporary, conceptual,

model-released people, sports, business, and lifestyle images, as well as images of wildlife and


Last year Sharpshooters announced the opening of its film footage division. Shot exclusively for

premium stock footage, their library of 35mm and 16mm film footage raises the standard of quality

of stock footage for the broadcast advertising market.

"We are rapidly expanding our commercial offering to our advertising and graphic design clients,"

said Steve Davis, president and CEO of Corbis. "The premium commercial images from Sharpshooters

combined with the rest of Corbis' world renowned collection and technology solutions gives our

clients quick and easy access to the greatest choice of images from a single brand in

professional photography."

In the coming months, Corbis will integrate Sharpshooters images into its existing offer and

customers will be able to search, access, buy and download these premium commercial images just

as they would other Corbis images.

Corbis now plans to strengthen its role in the commercial digital visual content market by

integrating and developing digital distribution models to expand its line of picture products.

"All of us at Sharpshooters are so happy to be a part of Corbis", said Susan Turnau, owner of

Sharpshooters. "We believe that Corbis has wholeheartedly jumped into the commercial sector of

stock photography through its acquisition of us and The Stock Market. The photographers will have

a much broader distribution of their images and everyone will benefit."

Sources indicate that Susan Turnau was asking $10 million for the company, but it is belieived

that Corbis paid a lot less. Sources also indicate Corbis intends to complete the distribution

of Catalog 9 (less than half the print run was distributed initially), and they will move ahead

with the production and distribution of Catalog 10. Plans for 2000 will continue on track.

Some of the Sharpshooters' photographers learned of the sale prior to the annual

photographers conference in Miami that was held last weekend. Leslie Hughes, Peter Howe and

Brian Wayling were at the conference and answered questions. Photographers were told that

there would be no change in their contracts -- at least through 2000.

Leslie Hughes says they will continue to honor the existing contracts for the life of the

contract. However, probably in 2001, they will begin offering photographers the opportunity to sign

a "Corbis Contract". At that point it will be explained to the photographers why it may be to

their advantage to convert to the Corbis contract.

Susan Turnau will remain as a consultant for six months. Edie Tobias has decided to remain with


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