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The opening session at this year’s CEPIC Congress in Berlin on May 30, 2018 is entitled “Can Blockchain be applied to the Photo Industry?” For those who would like to know more about the existing blockchain offerings, or who are considering putting images with one of the blockchain companies the following are some stories you might want to review.

The Blockchain Fairy Tale       5/2/2018

Blockchain Pricing – Will It Work In The Stock Photo Industry?   1/12/2018

Will Blockchain Benefit Image Creators     12/28/2017

Escalating Price Based On Demand

Copytracks – Marcus Schmitt
Copytracks Blockchain-Based Global Copyright Registry     1/10/2018

Blockchain Payments: How They Work       1/30/2018

KodakOne – Jan Denecke
Kodak Announces Photographer-Friendly Cryptocurrency      1/10/2018

Copytrack Comments On KodakOne        1/12/2018

Kodakcoin Sales Delayed Several Weeks       2/1/2018

IPStock – Alexander Belenkly     Askold Romanov
IPStock Launches Blockchain Ecosystem For Stock Images     1/12/2018

IPStock Blockchain – More Information      1/15/2018

Wemark  - Tai Kaish
Wemark Enters Stock Photography Market     4/30/2-18

Photochain – Fredi Lienhardt
Photochain: Rewriting Rules For Monetizing Images        5/9/2018

Photochain Whitepaper

Proof Of Existence Is Not Proof Of Ownership         2/26/2018

Understanding Blockchains        2/1/2018

Blockchains Are Coming       12/22/2017

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