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The following are links to stories that deal with stock photo pricing trends. Probably the biggest problem the industry has faced in recent years has been the steady decline in prices for the use of stock images. This has led to a dramatic shift in how stock images are produced and who produces them. It is harder to tell how this has affected the quality of the offering, but the huge oversupply (compared to demand) has made it more difficult for customers to find the images they need.

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** Can Prices Be Raised?       9/14/2017

Raising Prices     9/19/2017

Raising Stock Photo Prices        4/28/2017?

Why Would Customers Pay Higher Prices?            9/19/2017

** Multi-Tiered Pricing Model     3/22/2017

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** New Stock Image Distribution System Needed       6/23/2017

New Image Distribution System    6/23/2017

More On New Distribution System          6/30/2017

** Thoughts On Ways To Improve Search        7/27/2017

**Stock Photo Prices: the Future      9/28/2017

Videoblocks Launches Storyblocks          9/21/2017

Is The Customer Always Right?     9/27/2017

Image Storage: Image Search        10/2/2017

**Are Professional Stock Producers Needed?      9/13/2017
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What Sells: Part Two        5/29/2017

Is RM A Viable Business Model        5/19/2017

Earning Revenue From Non-Selling Images        5/18/2017

Is There A Better Subscription Strategy      4/19/2017??

Questions Agencies Should Be Asking       4/4/17

Global Still Image Market Growth Trends: According To Technavio    4/3/17

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