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I launched Selling Stock in 1990 with the goal of helping professional photographer understand the stock photography business and the opportunities it offered. For a couple decades many photographers earned significant additional revenue from the licensing of stock images. A large number earned their entire living by producing photos on speculation and licensing them as stock.

However, by about 2010 professionals started to see a steady and increasingly rapid decline in earnings. The causes of this decline were:
    1 – A huge and growing oversupply of images compared to demand.
    2 – Prices for use of images began to plummet.
    3 – An increasing number of part-timers and amateurs entering the market.
    4 – Agencies and middlemen sellers of stock images began to reduce the support they supplied image creators.
    5 – Agencies put an increasing amount of the work of preparing images for marketing on the backs of the creators.
    6 – Agencies began to reduce and eliminate editing and turn all the human editing functions over to technology and the customers. As a result, customers have been required to spend more of their time trying to find the images they need for their projects.
    7 – At the same time agencies began to take a larger and larger share of the fees customers pay to use the images the agencies represent.

Today, it has become almost impossible for western world photographers whose livelihood depends on the money they earn from the images they produce to earn enough for their time and out-of-pocket expenses to support themselves. They can earn more doing almost anything else.

A few professionals with large collections still earn good money from their previously produced work, but at today’s prices there is little,or no, incentive to produce new work.

Fewer and fewer professionals in western world countries earn enough for their time and out-of-pocket expenses to justify continued production. Some photographers in very low cost-of-living countries may still be able to earn enough to make producing stock images worthwhile.

At present, the vast majority of stock images are produced by part-time amateurs who view photography as their “art.” They are willing to spend more time and money producing photos and preparing them for market than they will every recover in the way of payment for use of the images. All they seek is recognition that someone liked the image enough to be willing to pay a few cents to use it.

There is nothing wrong with this if it makes the image creator happy, but if earning money is a goal producing stock images may not be the best way to accomplish that goal.

Anyone engaged in the stock photography production today should not expect the market to get better. If they need income, they should be looking for some other way to generate it. For those who enjoy photography and are considering photography as a career, they should look for some other way to earn a living. No matter how talented they may be they are unlikely to ever earn enough to support themselves. They should continue to enjoy photography as a personal hobby, but not expect it to ever generate much revenue.

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