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Specialized Microstock Collections: Point/Counterpoint

By Ellen Boughn | 1498 Words | Posted 5/1/2010 | Comments
This article by Ellen Boughn raises the question of whether there is a need for specialized niche microstock collections, argues the case for them and points to Vivozoom and Microstock Israel as indications that we may see more of them. Jim Pickerell presents counter arguments as to why the success of such sites is unlikely.

Shooting a Perfect Stock Photo

By Ellen Boughn | 543 Words | Posted 2/17/2010 | Comments
The photo discussed in this article is an almost perfect stock photo. It's not cutting edge; it's not trendy. It's not hip or cool. wshat it is is a photo that will license again and aagain for years....extending its revenue stream long after its production costs have been recouped. This is a photo with a very long tail.

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