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Miles Gerstein on the Future

By Jerry Kennelly | 631 Words | Posted 6/23/2010 | Comments (1)
At the recent CEPIC Congress in Dublin, Ireland, CEO of UpperCut Images Miles Gerstein offered CEPIC Daily his assessment of the future of the stock photo industry. Gerstein previously owned PunchStock, which he sold to Getty Images in 2006, and Artville, which he sold to The Image Bank in the late 1990s. His years of experience in the industry provide him with an important perspective on where the industry is likely headed.

Klein Optimistic on Getty Growth

By Jerry Kennelly | 2285 Words | Posted 6/15/2010 | Comments
Jonathan Klein is CEO and co-founder, with Mark Getty, of Getty Images and the most influential person in the global stock photo industry. For fifteen years he led an aggressive acquisition campaign which positions Getty as the leading source of still and moving imagery as well as footage and music. He is a passionate believer in the power of the image to create change in editorial as well as creative photography. In this exclusive CEPIC DAILY interview, he gives frank answers to some tough questions posed by Tweak founder Jerry Kennelly. It gives an intriguing insight into Getty as a privately held company and their vision for the future of the industry.

Jonathan Klein Interview

By Jerry Kennelly | 3536 Words | Posted 6/23/2005 | Comments
In a rare interview Getty Images co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Klein told Jerry Kennelly, CEO of Stockbyte, that the company does not plan to diversify outside the image business. Despite speculation that Getty might target companies in other sectors for acquisition, Klein ruled this out. Klein also discussed a number of other issues.

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