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The Storm Before The Calm

By Roger Ressmeyer | 3748 Words | Posted 10/28/2006 | Comments
This address was given by Roger Ressmeyer, PACA President at the 2006 PACA International Conference in Key West, Florida. Ressmeyer outlines his view of the state of the stock photo industry and some of the challenges ahead. Ressmeyer is also CEO of Science Faction Images

Starting Your Negotiations At $4 Million

By Roger Ressmeyer | 2400 Words | Posted 9/26/2006 | Comments
Roger Ressmeyer tells of a usage currently in negotiation for one image where the starting price is $4 Million and why that price is justified. He also offers suggestions as to what photographers and agents need to do in general to push prices up.

PACA'S Metadata Standards

By Roger Ressmeyer | 123 Words | Posted 7/20/2006 | Comments
PACA Has released its Metadata Standards version 1.0 and the entire document is available in pdf. This "PACA Distrubtor" XMP panel will power the consistent entry of embedded text about a picture's distributor, model releases, etc. into image headers which are viewable in Photoshop's File Info screens.

The Web in Ten Years

By Roger Ressmeyer | 1104 Words | Posted 5/6/1999 | Comments
The theme of one of the seminars at the recent PACA annual meeting in New York was ''The Web in Ten Years.'' Roger Ressmeyer moderated the panel and this story presents his opening remarks.

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