Production Cost vs. Value To The Customer

By Jim Pickerell | 1451 Words | Posted 4/9/2012 | Comments
Photographers lament the low prices being paid to use some of their “unique and unusual  images,” particularly when the images are costly to produce and unlikely to be in high demand. Some photographers, particularly those with unique scientific/nature images, believe that specialist agencies are “shooting themselves in the foot” when they place such images with Getty, Corbis and Alamy. These major distributors dramatically discount the prices they charge for the use of images regardless of how much they cost to produce.

Does Print Have A Future: Statistics

By Jim Pickerell | 792 Words | Posted 12/13/2011 | Comments
Some argue that there will always be plenty of print publications and demand for images to be used in print. This story provides some statistics on the Magazine industry, Printing Industry, Newspapers and the Internet that provide a depressing picture of where the demand for still photography is headed.

Image Licensors Should Be Given Passwords For Textbook Websites

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Those who license rights to use photos in textbooks should include language in their invoices that requires publishers to provide the licensor with a password to any web site where the licensors images are used.This story explains why it is important and provides recommended language.

Commercial Printing Shipments Up At Start Of 2011

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According to WhatTheyThink?, a leading research organization serving the printing and publishing industry, January 2011 commercial printing shipments were $6.7 billion, up $270 million (+4.1%) compared to 2010. Adjusting for inflation, shipments were up +2.5%. Shipments for 2010 were also revised to be $86.7 billion. “Despite a dreadful first quarter in 2010, the remaining months were up +3%, to finish the year slightly higher than 2009,” explained Dr. Joe Webb, director of WhatTheyThink's Economics and Research Center. “January's shipment rise benefited from an easy comparison to the first quarter of 2010, but it continued a string of 10 months of positive comparisons to the prior year. We hope it continues.”

Printing And Photography Revenue Compared

By Jim Pickerell | 180 Words | Posted 3/10/2011 | Comments
WhatTheyThink?, a leading research organization serving the printing and publishing industry, has just estimated that the value of printed materials shipped in the U.S. in 2010 was $86.7 billion. Based on my analysis I estimate that the worldwide sale of still stock imagery in 2010, most of which is used in some type of printed publication, was about $1.45 billion. Previously, we have estimated that in the range of 43% of the total worldwide sales of stock photography are licensed for use in the U.S. market. Thus, the comparison would be something in the range of $625 million for photography compared with $86.7 billion for printing.