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Articles from January 2003

DC - More Digital Capture Resources

By Jim Pickerell | 383 Words | Posted 1/22/2003 | Comments
Story 530 offered a few online resources for information about digital capture equipment and techniques. Deborah Davis has provided a much more extensive list of such resources.

Agency Liability For Lost Images Limited

By Jim Pickerell | 938 Words | Posted 1/22/2003 | Comments
A recent New York court decision makes it more difficult for photographers to get compensation if their stock agency loses some of their images. Read the specifics of Adamo v. Corbis as reported by Nancy E. Wolff.

Random Thoughts 59

By Jim Pickerell | 1539 Words | Posted 1/22/2003 | Comments
This includes short items on: Veer Adds Rights Managed Collections, Stock Media Marketing Model, US Book Sales, PictureHouse March Events, Getty To Represent Time Inc. Archives, Stock Image Launches Pixland and more.

DC - Reviewing Market Segments

By Jim Pickerell | 1704 Words | Posted 1/9/2003 | Comments
This story looks at three major segments of the stock photo market and analyzes where digitally created images are likely to have their greatest impact in the near future and why.

DC - Caption and Keyword Information

By Jim Pickerell | 4190 Words | Posted 1/9/2003 | Comments
One major advantage of digital capture is the ability to easily store caption and keyword information with the image and to use this info to locate, track and market images. This story discusses workflow issues related to this process.

DC - Digital Capture Resources

By Jim Pickerell | 444 Words | Posted 1/9/2003 | Comments
This story outlines useful online resources for photographers who are trying to get started in digital still photography. It also provides resources for those already be shooting digital who have questions.

By Jim Pickerell | 890 Words | Posted 1/9/2003 | Comments
Dynamic Graphics (DGUSA), a division of Creatas, has moved their Clipper and Designers Club Royalty Free brands to an online site called Customers get at least 150 images a month for a $125 subscription price.

Digital Capture

By Jim Pickerell | 1112 Words | Posted 1/9/2003 | Comments
This begins a series of stories on the potentials for using digitally created images as stock. I am convinced that it is currently possible to get better reproduction results from digitally created images than from film. Learn why.

Random Thoughts 58

By Jim Pickerell | 897 Words | Posted 1/9/2003 | Comments
This issue contains stories on Sales Growth at Workbookstock, Image State fiscal 2002 Financial Results showing significant losses, a new browser software called Fotoshowpro that will help photographers set up their own searchable web sites, and more.

DC - Reproduction Quality

By Jim Pickerell | 2084 Words | Posted 1/9/2003 | Comments
This story examines the issues related to reproduction of digitally created images and explains why the quality is so much better from files that are much smaller than the accepted standard for drum scans of film. This fact offers some significant creative options.

January 2003 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 6279 Words | Posted 1/1/2003 | Comments
This issue contains a New Selling Stock Survey, story on how the Economic Climate is likely to affect our industry, RF Rights Standardization, Tight of Loose Editing, National Geographic Goes Online, several short articles on RF, Creatas Worldwide Network, PACA Name Change, favorable court ruling in Massachusetts, AD Industry Projections for 2003, Protecting Your Property, analysis of The Big Players and more.

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