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Barter: The New Way To Pay For Photos

By Jim Pickerell | 661 Words | Posted 7/17/2014 | Comments
As image users become more and more reluctant to pay much, if anything, for the images they need compensation for the use of photos may migrate to a barter system.

StockFood Launches “you are what you crEATe” Food Blog

By Jim Pickerell | 421 Words | Posted 6/27/2014 | Comments
Fresh, brash and outspoken. With their uninhibited photographic style and unbridled joy of experimentation, food bloggers have conquered a huge fan community on the internet. No wonder even the traditional media are rolling out the red carpet for the new stars. Food bloggers get their own columns, produce cookbook best-sellers and operate cooking shows for an audience of millions. The most interesting among them are now at the center of a new blog where the food image agency StockFood once again lives up to its reputation as a trendsetter.

Instagram Look: Is It A New Advertising Trend?

By Jim Pickerell | 228 Words | Posted 6/27/2014 | Comments
In May AdAge reported that the New York based social media agency Laundry Service has discovered that Instagram photos perform better than more professionally shot photos. The agency found that while regular photos achieved 2.35% click-through rate, Instagram photos achieved an 8% click-through. And even better, Instagram photos led to a 25% increase in conversion rate.

Scoopshot Expands Photo and Video Crowdsourcing

By Jim Pickerell | 472 Words | Posted 6/26/2014 | Comments
Scoopshot, reports that over 500,000 photographers and videographers from 177 countries contribute images to its service and that more than 70 leading media companies and brands including USA Today, News Corp Australia, Apple Daily, WAZ, Fiat, Finnair, Oxfam and many others use Scoopshot to gain instant access to a global pool of Scoopshooters. In the US, the Scoopshot user base has increased from 14,000 to nearly 50,000 in just six weeks.

New Photo Agencies

By Jim Pickerell | 195 Words | Posted 6/23/2014 | Comments
Paul Melcher’s latest on the “New Photo Agencies” is worth reading. He discusses the Community Builders, the Scrapers, the On Demanders and the Hybrids, and notes that “the barriers between pros and casual photographers are going to completely vanish.”

ALERT: UK Government About To Allow Use Of Your Images Without Compensation

By Jim Pickerell | 989 Words | Posted 6/10/2014 | Comments
In early October 2014 the UK government is expected to change its copyright legislation and introduce an Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) scheme that will enable collecting societies to authorize use of any image within the UK. Please respond to this survey ( before 12pm 23 June 2014.

1.8 Billion Images Uploaded To The Web Every Day

By Jim Pickerell | 105 Words | Posted 6/2/2014 | Comments
Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins Investor, recently released her 2014 Internet Trends report. Among her findings were that 1.8+ billion photos are uploaded and shared each day.  This is up 50% from 1.2 billion in 2013. The biggest numbers are found on WhatsApp and Snapchat. Many uploaders also use Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

Motion Pictures Not A Growth Business

By Jim Pickerell | 190 Words | Posted 5/5/2014 | Comments
According to Variety Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation recently told attendees at the Milken Global Conference in Beverly Hills that “Movies are not a growth business.” Within 17 days after a movie is released in theaters it will be available on TV and smartphones at much lower prices. This is bad news for theater owners.

Getty Photographer Get Surprising Insights Into Pinterest

By Jim Pickerell | 861 Words | Posted 4/21/2014 | Comments
Getty photographers are getting some surprising insights into the use of their images on Pinterest as they review their Getty sales reports this month. For many photographers over half the reported sales are for “Pinterest/Portal” usage. The gross fee paid to Getty for such usages is $0.03 and the photographer’s royalty share is $0.01.

The Fire Hose

By Peter Krogh | 634 Words | Posted 4/4/2014 | Comments
Peter Krogh has written a disturbing report about how the value of imagery is about to be slashed once again. It’s called The Fire Hose concept. We have reprinted his report with his permission. Peter is also author of the DAM Book (digital asset management) and a group of publications on the use of Lightroom 5. For information about these publications see here.

Will Getty Insist On Keeping Contributors In The Dark?

By Jim Pickerell | 715 Words | Posted 3/11/2014 | Comments
Photographers, illustrators, Getty’s Image Partners (stock agencies), and trade associations representing Getty photographers should be asking Getty to supply creators with a limited amount of the data collected when Getty embeds creator's images on a web site for FREE.

Getty Terminates Agreement With Flickr

By Jim Pickerell | 814 Words | Posted 3/11/2014 | Comments
Getty Images has announced to its Flickr contributors that it has provided notice to terminate its existing agreement with Flickr. The original 5-year agreement went into effect in July 2008. Getty has been unable to come to a new agreement at this time. Getty says they continue to be open to working with Yahoo!/Flickr.

Pin A Getty Image: Getty Receives Compensation

By Jim Pickerell | 493 Words | Posted 10/28/2013 | Comments
Getty Images has done a deal with Pinterest that will track the use of any of the 80 million photos and illustrations on whenever they are posted on the digital scrapbooking site. (A little over 7 million of those photos are on the Creative section of the site.)

Controlling Image Sharing

By Jim Pickerell | 687 Words | Posted 10/1/2013 | Comments
Frans Lemmens has a problem. One of his clients operates an iPad travel magazine called TRVL Magazine. They use a lot of his images. They encourage readers to share the images found in their app on Facebook. Frankly, readers would probably do this anyway whether they are encouraged to do so, or not. Also, in order to market their app this activity is probably critical for TRVL.

Jonathan Klein Interviewed By Oliver Laurent of BJP

By Jim Pickerell | 278 Words | Posted 9/16/2013 | Comments
At Visa pour l'Image in France earlier this month Olivier Laurent of the British Journal of Photography interviewed Jonathan Klein, CEO and co-founder of Getty Images. Among the issues discussed were falling prices, the future of the industry, the need for new economic models and the role of smartphones in a market in flux. The entire article can be found here.

Shutterstock/Facebook Agreement: New Update

By Jim Pickerell | 220 Words | Posted 9/12/2013 | Comments
After reading about the new Facebook TOS I began to wonder if Facebook would be able to resell images their advertisers acquire from Shutterstock as part of the new Facebook/Shutterstock deal.

Alert: Post Photos On Facebook, They Can Sell Them!

By Jim Pickerell | 264 Words | Posted 9/9/2013 | Comments
As of September 5th Facebook has modified its Terms of Use to allow the company to sell virtually anything that is uploaded to the site, including all your photos, your identity and your data. Facebook has explicitly removed the privacy protection from the commercialization rights.

ASMP Issues "The Instagram Papers"

By Jim Pickerell | 858 Words | Posted 8/15/2013 | Comments
ASMP has published “The Instagram Papers,” a very valuable analysis of Instagram Terms of Service. Every photographer who is considering posting images on Instagram, wants to retain control of his/her images and hopefully earn some money from them should be familiar with the information in this report.

StockFreeImages Aims To Support Digital Advertisers And Protect Consumers

By Jim Pickerell | 951 Words | Posted 5/15/2013 | Comments
Dreamstime just released the following to the press cautioning image user to be careful about grabbing images off the Internet because they could be “violating someone’s copyright.” To aid users in protecting themselves Dreamstime offers a collection of images at

Using Images Without Permission Becomes Legal In UK

By Jim Pickerell | 998 Words | Posted 5/8/2013 | Comments
United Kingdom photographers are up in arms over the latest action by their government to make it legal for consumers to use their images without their permission. The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act recently passed in the U.K. provides a way to legally use images found on the Internet when the copyright owner cannot be identified or contacted. Such images are known as “orphaned works.”

Social Sites Strip Photographer Metadata

By Jim Pickerell | 285 Words | Posted 3/19/2013 | Comments
The International Press Telecommunications Council  (IPTC) has released a new study into the use of images by social media websites. Among those that remove photographer metadata from the images they host are Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

Depositphotos Launches Clashot: Mobile Application

By Jim Pickerell | 489 Words | Posted 3/15/2013 | Comments
Depositphotos has created, a platform that allows image creators using mobile devices to share their images and potentially earn revenue from some of them.

Instagram Amends Terms of Service

By Jim Pickerell | 151 Words | Posted 1/17/2013 | Comments
Instagram has taken another shot at updating their Terms of Service. Peter Krogh, author of the DAM (Digital Assets Management) Book and Chair of ASMP’s Digital Standards Committee has reviewed the new terms and concluded that for the professional photographer trying to earn a living they are “still terrible.” Read his very thorough analysis here.

Instagram Claims Right To Sell Photos: Backs Down Later

By Jim Pickerell | 1178 Words | Posted 12/19/2012 | Comments
On December 17th Instagram proposed dramatic changes in its "terms of service" that would give the company the right to sell users' photos without payment or notification, effective January 16, 2013. This sparked immediate outrage and revolt among Instagram contributors. Many started removing images from the site. The next day Instagram reversed itself and pledged to “remove” the language that sparked the revolt.

Make Money By Encouraging Image Sharing

By Jim Pickerell | 1077 Words | Posted 12/5/2012 | Comments
Is it possible to earn money by giving your images away for Free? With Stipple the answer is Yes! 40% of searches on the Internet today happen outside of search engines like Google. People discover what they are looking for via blogs, Tweets, Facebook and in general, just browsing around. With Stipple when they find your image they can also find you.