B2B and Consumers

Costco Markets Corbis Imagery as Prints, Posters

By Jim Pickerell | 814 Words | Posted 12/1/2010 | Comments
With the introduction of The Costco Art & Image Gallery, Corbis and Costco will sell individual prints and posters as retail products. The images offered are a select group of some 20,000 professional pieces of fine art, photography and illustration from the Corbis collection of more than 6 million images.

Veer Redesigns Web Site, Completes Move from Elite to Middle Market

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 328 Words | Posted 7/14/2010 | Comments
Veer has relaunched its Web site, billing the new treatment as uncomplicated. While Veer still carries traditionally priced stills, it is certainly catering to the no-hassle customer segment with simplified licensing and prices that span the gamut—starting at $1.

UIG Wins Britannica Subscription Service Contract

By Jim Pickerell | 785 Words | Posted 6/29/2010 | Comments
Universal Images Group, the distribution business unit of the Virtual Picture Desk, has been awarded a contract by the Encyclopaedia Britannica to provide an extensive online library of low-resolution (150 dpi) images suitable for educational use. The images will be supplied by numerous producers around the world and, together with Britannica's wholly owned content, will become part of a new subscription service, Britannica Image Explorer.

Expanding Your Business With Video

By Gail A Mooney | 1104 Words | Posted 5/20/2010 | Comments
I had already been a still photographer for over 20 years when I started exploring digital video and the motion medium ten years ago. I had built a successful career shooting editorially for magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure to name a few, as well as producing annual reports for major corporations.  When digital video hit the scene in the late ‘90’s, I was already starting to feel a slight frustration in trying to tell certain stories with a still camera. I was beginning to think and see in terms of movement and sound.  At the same time, technology was making it possible and affordable with digital video cameras and non-linear editing software for me to use this medium to tell my stories.  The new tools were a means to an end.

Tips for Getting Good Video Interviews

By Gail A Mooney | 404 Words | Posted 3/21/2010 | Comments
More and more still photographers are getting into video because of the appeal of the hybrid still cameras that also shoot video.  Photographers love the visual coming out of these big chip cameras – what’s not to love?  But they quickly find out that if they aren’t just going to be laying visuals down to a music track, they will need to start thinking about their audio – specifically a narrative track or one driven by sound bites from interviews.  I work in the corporate sector, as well as create documentaries, so I do a lot of interviews.  The interviews, along with a scripted voiceover comprise my audio track and drive the story.  

Putting Together a DSLR Video Kit - And Why

By Gail A Mooney | 444 Words | Posted 3/21/2010 | Comments
I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and stopped by ZacutoZacuto is a business that has made outfitting DSLR cameras for video a specialty.  They have cleverly engineered an assortment of their party add-ons that take these cameras to a higher level.  They have also provided solutions to overcome some of these cameras shortcomings.  Depending on the genre you are working in, documentary work, corporate, indie films or photojournalism will ultimately determine which way you’ll need to “trick” these cameras out.

Top Holidays in the USA Ranked by Greeting Cards Sent

By Rahul Pathak | 433 Words | Posted 2/9/2010 | Comments
In order to find a proxy for which seasonal holidays were important from a stock photography perspective, I decided to look at how many greeting cards were sent. Christmas & Valentine's Day were 1st and 2nd but I was surprised to find Mother's Day in 3rd place. This article goes into more detail about Mother's Day and also surveys stock photography search results associated with the term.

Will We Ever Prevent Unauthorized Uses?

By Jim Pickerell | 723 Words | Posted 1/12/2010 | Comments
A friend who has been on the periphery of the photo industry for decades now works for a company that manages social media and search engine optimization for a variety of clients, including law firms. She said her office mates disagree on what they are allowed to do with pictures they find on news Web sites. She asked: "Are bloggers allowed to illustrate their blog entries with photos they find on news sites, such as a photo of a sinkhole? What are the rules about using editorial images in a blog post?"

Adapting in 2010

By Jim Pickerell | 774 Words | Posted 12/16/2009 | Comments
In looking ahead to 2010, photographers should focus on how they will adapt to the new realities of the photography business.

Reaching the B2SB Market

By Jim Pickerell | 975 Words | Posted 6/11/2009 | Comments
Those selling images to big business at traditional prices must develop a different strategy for addressing the B2SB (small business) market. The strategy needs to embrace the idea of pricing based on value received, so big businesses that receive greater value from the images they purchase continue to pay reasonable fees for that value.