Is Instagram A Professional Tool For Photographers?

By Jim Pickerell | 317 Words | Posted 11/7/2012 | Comments
After Hurricane Sandy many news organizations will be thinking hard about covering breaking news events with iPhone’s and delivering the images via Instagram. Kira Pollack, Director of Photography for Time Magazine, hired five professional photographers to cover the event with their iPhones rather than their digital SLRs. By delivering the images via Instagram Time was able to show customers a more comprehensive report faster that would have been possible with a traditional approach to the assignment.

Novus Select Launches Tectonic Media Group

By Jim Pickerell | 308 Words | Posted 10/24/2012 | Comments
Novus Select announced today the formation of Tectonic Media Group (TMG), a New York-based talent management and media consulting firm. TMG represents the top talent in action and adventure sports photography and filmmaking. The firm will look after each artist in all aspects of their career, from print advertising and editorial work, to directing commercials, branded content, and feature length documentaries, as well as content licensing, book publishing, speaking engagements, and brand endorsements.

EP Merges With APA

By Jim Pickerell | 502 Words | Posted 10/23/2012 | Comments
American Photographic Artists (APA) has announced that Editorial Photographers (EP), a highly regarded association aimed at improving profitability of editorial photography, has agreed to a merger that will benefit professional photographers around the world. The merger is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. This merger will increase the size of APA to approximately 3,200 members.

Scoopshot Introduces Pro Option

By Jim Pickerell | 1027 Words | Posted 9/19/2012 | Comments
Last month we wrote about Scoopshot a site where any photographer can submit cell phone pictures for editorial use. The company has been in business for about 18 months and has over 130,000 contributors from 165 different countries. Now Scoopshot has added an option that allows editors to identify and give assignments to a select group of photographers that produce professional quality work.

YouTube’s Penetration Of News Delivery Business

By Jim Pickerell | 909 Words | Posted 7/16/2012 | Comments
We are rapidly moving toward a time when consumers will get more of their news via YouTube rather than from commercial television. On average 22 million people watch the evening news on the three U.S. broadcast channels each night. But, when there is a major event YouTube views regularly eclipse that number. During Japan’s tsumani disaster in March 2011 the 20 most viewed news-related videos on YouTube that focused on the tragedy were viewed more than 96 million times.

Copyright Registration Becomes More Expensive

By Jim Pickerell | 420 Words | Posted 5/4/2012 | Comments
The U.S. Copyright Office is proposing to increase the registration fee for filing an online application from $35 to $65, and the fee for using a paper application from $65 to $100. They are requesting a fee increase because in 2011 fee receipts only covered 59.5% of the cost of providing the service. The rest comes out of the taxpayers pockets.

Future Of Licensing

By Jim Pickerell | 1404 Words | Posted 3/1/2012 | Comments
ASMP’s “The Future of Licensing” webinar with Frederic Haber, of the Copyright Clearance Center; Henry Oh, entrepreneur and digital content distributor; Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director of ASMP and Richard Kelly, moderator was held yesterday and can be downloaded here. Licensing was defined as a process that allows a customer to use something that is too expensive for them to own outright.

StockFood launches living4media

By Jim Pickerell | 397 Words | Posted 10/6/2011 | Comments
StockFood, the world’s leading food image agency, introduces living4media: a new picture agency specializing in home and living. The concept behind is to unite the most outstanding images produced by internationally renowned photographers and well-known niche agencies under one roof.

Making Photography A Career: Run Your Numbers

By Jim Pickerell | 1744 Words | Posted 9/27/2011 | Comments
Many who enjoy photography and have had some success at licensing rights to their images dream of quitting their “day job,” giving up a regular pay check and taking pictures full time. This story offers a few things to think about that apply both to photographers who hope to do commercial assignments and those who want to license rights to stock images.

Professional vs. Amateur

By Jim Pickerell | 965 Words | Posted 8/3/2011 | Comments
In May Peter Phun published an article on BlackStar Rising entitled “It’s Time for Pro Photographers and Hobbyists to Call a Truce.” The article has received a lot of comments. I would like to weigh in with my thoughts on the difference between professionals and non-professionals.

World Assignments Closes Its Doors

By Jim Pickerell | 157 Words | Posted 7/8/2011 | Comments
In November of last year we wrote about World Assignments, an organization designed to help buyers find photographers who worked in various locales around the world or had expertise in working in such locations.

What Buyers Want From Photographers

By Jim Pickerell | 494 Words | Posted 4/20/2011 | Comments
PhotoShelter and Agency Access have just released a free ebook entitled “What Buyers Want From Photographers.” The information resulted from a 35 question survey sent to Agency Access’ global database of 55,000 photography buyers. 500 responded to the survey.

Death of Educational Market for Images

By Jim Pickerell | 3277 Words | Posted 4/13/2011 | Comments
Anyone who earns significant revenue from producing or licensing stock images for educational purposes should be looking, as soon as possible, for another line of business. Why? It is rapidly becoming impossible to earn enough from licensing images for educational use to cover the costs of producing them. For decades photographers have been willing to license rights for limited usage of their images with the understanding that if a greater use is made the photographer will receive additional compensation. This system was originally developed to help publishers limit their risk in the event that some of the book they produced did not sell well or generate as much revenue as hoped.

Licensing In The Digital Age

By Jim Pickerell | 526 Words | Posted 4/6/2011 | Comments
Prior to 1976 a commissioning client owned the copyright to images created by photographers. At that time the vast majority of images that appeared in publications and advertising were created on assignment. The 1976 copyright law changed all that and gave photographers control of their work and the ability to license narrow and specific rights. Now, the business world is pushing photographers back into a model that looks very much like pre-1976. The promise of a continual income stream from our creations often seems distant and unobtainable.

Reinvention: Four Photographer Success Stories

By Jim Pickerell | 3684 Words | Posted 3/11/2011 | Comments
At ASMP’s recent Strictly Business 3 education weekend in Philadelphia four photographers explained how they had reinvented their businesses in the current challenging business environment. Here are their stories. There will be more success stories at the last Strictly Business 3 conference in 2011 which takes place in Chicago April 1st through 3rd.

Copyright Office Opens Pilot Program for e-Group Registration

By Jim Pickerell | 250 Words | Posted 3/3/2011 | Comments
Recently the U.S. Copyright Office launched a pilot program that enables photographers to use the Electronic Copyright Office (eCO) system to complete group registrations of “databases that predominantly consist of photographs" or “published photographs."

On The Net

By Jim Pickerell | 240 Words | Posted 2/22/2011 | Comments
Here are links to a few items I spotted on the Internet that are worth reading. They include observations on the Getty Images search engine, World Assignment photographers and Should I Work For Free.

Young Photographer Alliance Exhibition

By Jim Pickerell | 148 Words | Posted 1/5/2011 | Comments
An exhibit of the work of several young photographers who are participating in the Young Photographer Alliance mentoring program is opening at the Calumet Gallery, 22 West 22nd St, New York City from January 14-28. The gallery will be open from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday and 9:00 to 5:30 on Saturdays, closed Sundays.

World Assignments

By Jim Pickerell | 425 Words | Posted 11/8/2010 | Comments

If you’re a professional image producer looking for assignments, and you live or would like to work in remote parts of the world, the new World Assignment Web site may be for you.

Individual Property Ownership And The Future Of Creativity

By Jim Pickerell | 2686 Words | Posted 10/4/2010 | Comments
In his biography, The Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan said, “The presumption of individual property ownership and the legality of its transfer must be deeply embedded in the culture of a society (emphasis mine) for free market economies to function effectively. In the West, the moral validity of property rights is accepted, or at least acquiesced in, by virtually the whole of the population.” I was struck by how this relates to the photography business today. The concept of individual property ownership is no longer deeply embedded in the culture of our society. A large segment of the population believes that certain property should be free to all and that the creators have no rights once the property is shown to anyone. Using the creative works of others without permission or compensation is becoming the morally accepted standard.

Of Doom and Gloom: Accepting Averages

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 640 Words | Posted 8/30/2010 | Comments
Phrases like “it’s not all doom and gloom” pop up often, but those who offer such encouraging analysis are typically in the top tier of the profession. While their experience is certainly real and laudable if not amazing, is it representative enough to be touted as a roadmap to a successful career? Common sense, economics, mathematics and every available source of statistical information says no.

From Single Illustrations to Picture Stories

By Jim Pickerell | 836 Words | Posted 6/9/2010 | Comments
The traditional market for single images is under intense pressure. However, the demand for imagery that hangs together as a story is increasing in both editorial and commercial arenas.

Creating Photos For Social Networks

By Jim Pickerell | 792 Words | Posted 6/7/2010 | Comments
On LinkedIn’s ASMP group James Cavanaugh outlined the following client request, “A client wants you to create photographs that they can use on social network sites so they can "go viral" to promote their company. It means potentially countless people may use your copyrighted work,” and he asked “How would you approach such a request?”
This story provides my answer.

Expanding Your Business With Video

By Gail A Mooney | 1104 Words | Posted 5/20/2010 | Comments
I had already been a still photographer for over 20 years when I started exploring digital video and the motion medium ten years ago. I had built a successful career shooting editorially for magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure to name a few, as well as producing annual reports for major corporations.  When digital video hit the scene in the late ‘90’s, I was already starting to feel a slight frustration in trying to tell certain stories with a still camera. I was beginning to think and see in terms of movement and sound.  At the same time, technology was making it possible and affordable with digital video cameras and non-linear editing software for me to use this medium to tell my stories.  The new tools were a means to an end.

Future Opportunities For Careers In Photography

By Jim Pickerell | 896 Words | Posted 5/4/2010 | Comments
The topic of future career opportunities in photography has engendered a lively discussion on several Linkedin groups. Do such opportunities still exist or should most of those entering the profession consider other avenues?