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Broken Business Model

By Jim Pickerell | 1239 Words | Posted 11/13/2012 | Comments
One of the programs at the recent PACA International Conference asked five industry visionaries to explore emerging trends and predict what the stock photo business will be like in 2022. There was general agreement that the current business model of licensing based on usage is broken and that in a few years (probably a lot less than 10) it will be necessary to develop a completely different approach to licensing.

Steps To Solving The Infringement Problem

By Jim Pickerell | 1399 Words | Posted 10/18/2012 | Comments
If we want to reduce copyright infringements we must make it easier for people to be honest. Reasoned education is not working. Aggressive pursuit of infringements is not slowing the number of infringements. This story suggests three steps that are technologically possible today and which the industry ought to be exploring.

Dreamstime Joins Pinterest’s Attribution Program

By Jim Pickerell | 547 Words | Posted 10/16/2012 | Comments
Dreamstime has become the latest professional photography service to resolve its legal issues regarding the pinning of copyright-protected, watermarked images shared on Pinterest. The solution incorporates an attribution line, which now appears beneath the photo in question and links back to the photo’s page on This is the same solution that Pinterest offers to other members of its “attribution program,” including Flickr, YouTube, 500px, Etsy, and others.

Using Social Media To Market Photo Services

By Jim Pickerell | 38 Words | Posted 7/6/2012 | Comments
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) has published a free guide designed to assist photographers in unilizing social media to market their businesses. The guide can be downloaded at

Flickr As A Marketing Tool

By Jim Pickerell | 1152 Words | Posted 3/30/2012 | Comments
Most professional photographers believe Flickr is a site they should avoid because someone might steal their pictures. They think of it as a place where amateurs put the pictures they want to share with family and friends. Todd Klassy is using it very effectively to market his images in his part-time photographic business.

Send Roger Ressmeyer To Space!

By Jim Pickerell | 381 Words | Posted 3/15/2012 | Comments
To infinity, and beyond!  Roger Ressmeyer is one of 20 candidates with the chance to win a sub-orbital space flight. All he needs is lots of votes from people like you. Roger has been passionate about going to space all is life. And wouldn’t it be great to have a professional photographer actually fly in space. With your Facebook votes you can help him fly!  Vote here (

iStockphotos Offers Free Valentine eCards On Facebook

By Jim Pickerell | 432 Words | Posted 2/7/2012 | Comments
iStockphoto has announced a new app that lets anyone create fast, fun and free e-cards for use on Facebook. Customer surveys have revealed that e-cards have become more acceptable and often preferred to traditional cards.

Crestock Offers Celebrity Photos For Editorial Use

By Jim Pickerell | 175 Words | Posted 2/7/2012 | Comments
Crestock has launched a collection of celebrity photos at microstock prices at The collection contains real time coverage of popular stars from coast to coast supplied by top entertainment photographers, supplemented with an archive of past celebrity events – all from ImageCollect/Los Angeles. And Copyright

By Jim Pickerell | 300 Words | Posted 1/30/2012 | Comments
There’s a lot of buzz on the Internet about a new “social media” site It is designed to let people organize and share pictures they find on the web.  “People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.” Users can browse pinboards created by others, discover new things and get inspiration from people who share their interests -- all without paying a penny to use the pictures.

ASMP Provides Comprehensive Information On Social Media

By Jim Pickerell | 253 Words | Posted 7/20/2011 | Comments
The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has introduced a comprehensive new Social Media Tutorial on its website, The information is intended to guide imaging professionals through the ins and outs of the networking sites which have become an integral part of the business of photography. Contributors are experts in their fields who provide state-of-the-art data on social media marketing, blogging, posting images and video, legal considerations and terms of service.

Snapfish Launches Microstock Offering

By Jim Pickerell | 452 Words | Posted 5/26/2011 | Comments
HP and LicenseStream have launched Snap Stock Images, a service of Snapfish and a new microstock photo licensing service featuring affordable images from photo enthusiasts and professional photographers. Currently, Snapfish has more than 100 million members in 22 countries. Professional image buyers, including small and midsize business owners, graphic designers, advertisers and marketers, will be able to access hundreds of thousands of images that are available on the site at launch. Many of the images were shot by amateurs, but images from Veer and LicenseStream are also available.

Going Pro: Rise Of The Amateur

By Jim Pickerell | 1044 Words | Posted 9/28/2010 | Comments
Many professional photographers are disturbed by the changes taking place in their careers. Photographers who dream of earning their living taking pictures will, at the very least, find that goal much harder to achieve than it was for their predecessors. Amateurs have taken over an increasing share of the business. And their share will continue to grow. The shift from professional control of the market to significant amateur involvement is irreversible and will accelerate. That doesn’t mean that no one will be able to earn a living as a still photographer. But many fewer will do it successfully than was the case in the past. There is no way to predict the amount of the market amateurs will finally control, but it will be significant. 

10 Quick Rules for Artists Using Social Media

By John R Math | 761 Words | Posted 8/12/2010 | Comments
There is a reason why it is called “social” media and there are rules that you should follow when it comes to employing “social media” to market and brand yourself and your art. Every day I see small businesses that are ruining their brand by abusing social media.  Artists are no different, as they are a “small business” too! Here are some quick rules of social media that you should follow.

Creating Photos For Social Networks

By Jim Pickerell | 792 Words | Posted 6/7/2010 | Comments
On LinkedIn’s ASMP group James Cavanaugh outlined the following client request, “A client wants you to create photographs that they can use on social network sites so they can "go viral" to promote their company. It means potentially countless people may use your copyrighted work,” and he asked “How would you approach such a request?”
This story provides my answer.

Multiple Income Streams For Photographers

By John Martin Lund | 571 Words | Posted 3/20/2010 | Comments
In the investment world it is a proven strategy to diversify your portfolio. The same is true as a professional photographer. This article explores different ways to diversify your income from printed coffee mugs to fine art prints to pay-for-click advertising...and the time to start is now!

Save The Environment

By Paul Melcher | 687 Words | Posted 1/22/2010 | Comments
We have done a bad job. A terrible job. If picking a photograph is all about its price and not its quality than we, the photo industry, have made a terrible job at selling our work. Every time an editor, whether  from an ad agency or a magazine decides to use an image because it is cheaper than the others, that means we have all failed to advocate for the real value of photography. We have failed, all of us, Photographers, agents, photo agencies to make the new generation of image buyers see the real value in our images. Thus the current situation.