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Getting Images Seen At Getty: Revisited

By Jim Pickerell | 824 Words | Posted 7/19/2011 | Comments
After reading my story “Getting Images Seen” on how Getty Images orders search returns John Lund did some searches for his own images on the Getty web site. He came up with some additional insights. Check out the full text of his article on his blog.

Getting Images Seen

By Jim Pickerell | 2038 Words | Posted 6/9/2011 | Comments
Today, the biggest problem for professional photographers is how to get their images seen by potential customers. Most photographers would agree that the way to get the widest possible exposure for their work is to get their images on Sources at Getty Images tell me that 96% of the company’s sales come from images customers find on the first three pages of the search returns. Customers have a choice as to how many thumbnails they want to see on any given page -- with a maximum of 100 allowed -- so three pages of images would be a maximum of 300.

Most Used Keywords In Image Search

By Jim Pickerell | 45 Words | Posted 2/23/2011 | Comments has put together a list of the top 1000 keywords used by customers to search for stock photos in the last 6 months to 2 years. This dataset was compiled from about 500,000 searches and prioritized according to which words were used most frequently.

On The Net

By Jim Pickerell | 240 Words | Posted 2/22/2011 | Comments
Here are links to a few items I spotted on the Internet that are worth reading. They include observations on the Getty Images search engine, World Assignment photographers and Should I Work For Free.

Search Trend Analysis

By Jim Pickerell | 329 Words | Posted 11/22/2010 | Comments
Grover Sanschagrin of PhotoShelter has published a very interesting analysis entitled “What Google Trends Says About Wedding & Stock Photography, and Photo Websites,” complete with charts that illustrate the trends.

PhotoShelter Launches Certified Consultant Program

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 51 Words | Posted 10/15/2010 | Comments

Idée Announces Upcoming TinEye Features

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 36 Words | Posted 7/22/2010 | Comments

PhotoXpress Releases Joomla API

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 41 Words | Posted 7/16/2010 | Comments

Multiple Income Streams For Photographers

By John Martin Lund | 571 Words | Posted 3/20/2010 | Comments
In the investment world it is a proven strategy to diversify your portfolio. The same is true as a professional photographer. This article explores different ways to diversify your income from printed coffee mugs to fine art prints to pay-for-click advertising...and the time to start is now!