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Articles from January 2001

Staff Reduction At Corbis

By Jim Pickerell | 1476 Words | Posted 1/19/2001 | Comments
Corbis has layed off approximately 80 of its 1,300 employees in the marketing, technology, and analog operations in New York, Bellevue, Los Angeles and London. They have restructured their business in three separate market groups -- Creative Professionals, Business Communicators and Consumers -- in an effort to improve productivity.

Searching Across Image Brands

By Jim Pickerell | 1218 Words | Posted 1/19/2001 | Comments
Several companies offer software that will simultaneously search many agency web sites. In this story we focus primarily on Random Eye's Image Grabber and compare it with 1StopStock. Such systems will aid in increasing traffic.

Getty's Challenge

By Jim Pickerell | 1521 Words | Posted 1/14/2001 | Comments
There are widespread expectations that Getty will offer a new contract to TIB photographers early in 2001. This story looks at the some of the difficulties Getty will have in producing a contract that would work across all brands.

Getty To Return Images

By Jim Pickerell | 1323 Words | Posted 1/11/2001 | Comments
Getty Images has announced that they will begin returning to TIB, FPG and Stone photographers. Approximately 5.5 million originals inventoried in Dallas will be returned to TIB photogs soon. FPG images should be returned in the 2nd quarter. Plans for Stone will be announced in a week.

Mark Getty Snaps At Analysts

By Niel Bennett | 1151 Words | Posted 1/11/2001 | Comments
Mark Getty should be pleased with the international capital markets, but he is angry with the investment banks that he feels fuelled the technology boom to unsustainable levels and precipitated its collapse. See his comments to the London Sunday Telegraph.

Random Thoughts 28

By Jim Pickerell | 1950 Words | Posted 1/11/2001 | Comments
Mark Getty Snaps at Analysts, Invoicing Problems at FPG, Sales Reps Needed, Getty Struggles With Branding, David Moffly of FPG Is Back, Graphic Design Trends, Writers Start Agency, Steedman and Lloyd Take A Long Cruise, and more.

January 2001 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 7784 Words | Posted 1/10/2001 | Comments
This issue has stories on Protecting Model's Rights, New Contract Challenges for Getty, Alaska Stock Considers Lowering Royalty, E-Commerce Pricing Structure, Starting Your Own Agency, Stock Industry in Europe and more.

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