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Articles from January 2005

Trend Toward Production Companies

By Jim Pickerell | 2510 Words | Posted 1/31/2005 | Comments
There is an increasing industry trend for a greater portion of the available stock imagery to be produced by large production operations, rather than individual photographers. This article explores the reasons why.

Random Thoughts 96

By Jim Pickerell | 853 Words | Posted 1/31/2005 | Comments
This article contains short items on: Is Maximizing Return Per Primary Goal?, Asia Works Changes Name, Art4Love And Picture Arts Provide Decor Imagery To Corporate Clients and Changes at Getty Image Partners.

Getty 2004 Results

By Jim Pickerell | 1493 Words | Posted 1/29/2005 | Comments
Getty Images has reported that Q4 revenue of $162.1 million, up 20.6%, compared to $134.4 million in the Q4 2003. For all of 2004, revenue grew 19.0 percent to $622.4 million compared to $523.2 million in the prior year. For 2005 they expect revenue of between $705 and $715 million.

Unauthorized Online Use Of Getty Images

By Jim Pickerell | 669 Words | Posted 1/29/2005 | Comments
The StockArtistsAlliance (SAA) and PicScout have announced the initial results of their study about misuse of SAA members' images. Members provided 13,000 of RM images represented by Getty Images that had never been licensed for web use. The PicScout Image TrackerF System searched commercial sites in North America and Germany and found 11 times more uses than they have found when searching for images from other agencies.

Moving RM to RF

By Jim Pickerell | 494 Words | Posted 1/25/2005 | Comments
There are indications that Getty is approaching selected photographers and agencies and recommending that they move some of their RM images to RF. Economically this could make a lot of sense not only for Getty, but also for the image providers themselves.

Looking At Percentages

By Jim Pickerell | 1607 Words | Posted 1/25/2005 | Comments
I've been taken to task by one photographer for not making it clear enough in Story 689 that the RF and RM percentage differences that photographers receive are important in determining return-per-image. In some cases photographers are getting 25% or less of the gross fee paid by the customer for an RM sale and well below 10% of the gross fee for an RF sale.

Random Thoughts 95

By Jim Pickerell | 1223 Words | Posted 1/21/2005 | Comments
This article contains short items on Editorial Prices At Getty, Corbis Moves Into Rights Representation, Corbis' Zefa Collection Size, A Good Year For Goodshoot and Getty In India.

Corbis 2004 Revenue Is $170.4 Million

By Jim Pickerell | 1076 Words | Posted 1/21/2005 | Comments (1)
Corbis has announced that it had gross 2004 revenue of $170.4 million, representing growth of approximately 22% over 2003. Recently acquired zefa visual media group reported approximately $41 million in 2004. CEO Steve Davis estimated 40% growth for the combined companies in 2005.

Random Thoughts 94

By Jim Pickerell | 2050 Words | Posted 1/15/2005 | Comments
In this issue of RT there is more on Getty and Photographer's Royalty Rates, an update on the Corbis/Zefa deal, Images On Alamy, Corbis Suit Against Amazon, DV Production For 2005, OnRequest Marketing, Sheldon Marshall's New Venture and SAA/ASMP Seminars.

JupiterImages Launches Rights Managed Service

By Jim Pickerell | 1284 Words | Posted 1/14/2005 | Comments
JupiterImages has announced the launch of which will offer customers exclusive rights to any image on the site, regardless of how it is used, for a fixed price or $799 for a three-month term. Longer terms at higher prices are available.

Free Photos For Internet Use

By Jim Pickerell | 1884 Words | Posted 1/11/2005 | Comments
One solution to unauthorized Internet use is to ignore the Internet as a market and simply look at it as a marketing vehicle. Learn what Index Stock Imagery and are doing.

Corbis Completes Acquisition of Zefa

By Jim Pickerell | 522 Words | Posted 1/6/2005 | Comments
Corbis has announced that they have acquired Zefa Visual Media Group and that the combined revenues of the two companies is in excess of $200 million. That should break down to around $43 million for Zefa and $160 million for Corbis in 2004.

ImageState 2004 Results

By Jim Pickerell | 951 Words | Posted 1/4/2005 | Comments
ImageState has reported net earning for fiscal 2004 of about 3.7 million pounds or roughly $6,685,573. Sales have declined steadily over the past three years, most notably in the U.S. market, but also in the UK. Agent sales is the one bright spot in their sales picture.

January 2005 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 7028 Words | Posted 1/4/2005 | Comments
This edition includes: Things to watch for in 2005, Corbis to Acquire Zefa, Getty 2005 Guidance and Analysts Day, A21 3rd Quarter Results, Heilman Acquires Photo Network, Jupitermedia Q3 Results, Jupitermedia Acquires Hemera, Cheaper RF For Editorial, Returns Per Image, Getty Search Results Delivery Analysis and more.

Selling Stock Price Increase

By Jim Pickerell | 382 Words | Posted 1/3/2005 | Comments
Beginning in January 2005 we have instituted a price increase for the annual subscription of Selling Stock.

Thing To Watch In 2005

By Jim Pickerell | 877 Words | Posted 1/3/2005 | Comments
As we move into 2005 there are at least three issues to watch closely for developments -- Subscription Sales; Increased Participation in Photographer's Choice; and the possibility of further reductions in Royalty Percentages.

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