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Articles from October 1998

Klein Speaks in New York

By Jonathan Klein | 6814 Words | Posted 10/31/1998 | Comments
Jonathan Klein, CEO of Getty Images gives the Keynote speech at Photo Expo in New York. The agencies Getty represents are expected to have gross sales of approximately $185 million in 1998. Included is the full text of his speech plus response to questions.

FPG Launches Web Site

By Jim Pickerell | 1927 Words | Posted 10/23/1998 | Comments
FPG has launched a web site, but searches pull up surprisingly few images. See chart comparing FPG, TSI, TSM and PhotoDisc on various keyword searches.

Why Photographers Need Stock Agencies

By Jim Pickerell | 4448 Words | Posted 10/23/1998 | Comments
This story looks at the services domestic and foreign stock agencies provide and explains why most photographers will still need stock agency representation even when it is possible to market images directly online.

Tony Stone Goes Online

By Jim Pickerell | 2350 Words | Posted 10/14/1998 | Comments
The long awaited Tony Stone images web site is now on-line at Many photographers are still negotiating with TSI on the new contract and their images are not included on the site.

AOL Fined in Purcell Case

By Jim Pickerell | 839 Words | Posted 10/2/1998 | Comments
In a preliminary action AOL was fined $20,050 for failing to provide legitimate information and thwarting the discovery process. The $5 million copyright infringement suit is set to go to trial November 16th.

Internet Opportunities for Creatives

By Jim Pickerell | 711 Words | Posted 10/2/1998 | Comments
TrendWatch survey reports on creative activies on the Internet - 98% of graphic designers are involved in web design, only 33% of commercial photographers say business conditions are excellent and 23% say they are poor or much worse than the last six months, etc.

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