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Articles from November 2003

Veer Acquires Solus Images

By Jim Pickerell | 907 Words | Posted 11/25/2003 | Comments
Veer has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Solus Images. Financial terms were not disclosed. The agreement marks Veer's second acquisition in just over a month. (The first was Jukebox Typeface Foundry of Hollywood, CA.) These two acquisitions demonstrate the company's commitment to expanding its business by bringing more of the content acquisition under its direct ownership or control.

A21 Signs Definitive Agreement To Acquire Superstock

By Jim Pickerell | 409 Words | Posted 11/11/2003 | Comments
a21, Inc. has announced that it has completed the due diligence process and signed a Definitive Agreement to acquire SuperStock. Financing is expected to be completed in 120 days. The due diligence process with nonstock to determine an acquisition price is continuing.

November 2003 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 6120 Words | Posted 11/8/2003 | Comments
This addition has a report on Getty's third quarter revenue which uas up slightly on a down trend in number of items sold, and Getty's Adjustment of Search Results to put more emphasis on RM. In addition there are senior staff changes at Corbis, and stories on Performance Bonds, the Property Release Dilemma and several stories on RF's Impact on Stock Revenue and the future implications of RF.

Random Thoughts 69

By Jim Pickerell | 1065 Words | Posted 11/8/2003 | Comments
In this issue Hemera Images offers non-subscription downloads for $4.95 for 5 images and $.99 thereafter; Zefa changes management in The Netherlands, TrendWatch statistics; Index Stock wins award; Canon digital camera production; Kodak getting out of film; and suggestion for cashing Royalty Checks made out in foreign currency.

VNU To Launch New Stock Image

By Jim Pickerell | 1184 Words | Posted 11/8/2003 | Comments
Jose Azel's Independent Photography Network (IPN) has been sold to VNU Corporation, parent company of PDNOnline. PDN will operate the new portal that will be at as a service to photographers and stock agencies and an extension of its mission to ''serve the photo community''. PDN does not intend to become an agency itself.

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