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Articles from December 1999

Legal Hassels in Santa Barbara

By Norm Sklarewitz | 1735 Words | Posted 12/21/1999 | Comments
Santa Barbara has passed laws that make it almost impossible for a stock photographer to legally shoot in this attractive oceanside community. Norman Sklarewitz outlines the mind-boggling red tape. Will other cities follow SB's example?

Five Billion Dollar Industry?

By Jim Pickerell | 968 Words | Posted 12/21/1999 | Comments
The size and potential for growth of the stock photo industry is important to investors. Many of the numbers investors rely on have little basis in reality and their decisions may cause problems for those of us who shoot and sell images.

Duration of Copyright

By Nancy e. Wolff | 1013 Words | Posted 12/21/1999 | Comments
Nancy Wolff, PACA Counsel, provides a concise explanation of copyright rules in the United States relative to the duration of a copyright.

Are NSPP Prices Still Valid?

By Jim Pickerell | 1264 Words | Posted 12/7/1999 | Comments
Some photographers are saying that the numbers in Negotiating Stock Photo Prices are out of date and should be reduced. See why we disagree.

Pricing Online Uses

By Jim Pickerell | 717 Words | Posted 12/7/1999 | Comments
Photographer/editor judiwhite offers some useful suggestions on pricing web page uses. Her insights are particularly important because she was one of the founding editors of Time Warner's Virtual Garden on Pathfinder, and has a solid understanding of the publishers perspective.

Random Thoughts 14

By Jim Pickerell | 1840 Words | Posted 12/7/1999 | Comments
These short news items include: Sheldon Marshall's return to the indusry, Gamma Sold, Web Crawlers Win Right to use Your IMAGES, Decline in the Printing Industry, What foreign agents want in the way of images, and more.

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