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Articles from December 2003

Legal Nightmare

By Jim Pickerell | 1377 Words | Posted 12/22/2003 | Comments
Judge Louis Kaplan has ruled in favor of the National Geographic Society in cases brought in the Southern District of New York by Fred Ward, Douglas Faulkner, David Hiser and Louis Psihoyos concerning the use of their images in NGS's CD-ROM products that used 108 years of NG Magzine images and stories. Jerry Greenbergs previous win against NGS for use of his images in the same product may also be thrown in doubt. The case that has been dragging on for six years is likely to drag on for several more.

Price Per Pix

By Jim Pickerell | 739 Words | Posted 12/15/2003 | Comments
Some photographers have asked that I produce a survey that would develop an ''average return per-accepted-image, per-year'' for the industry. This story provides some figures based on Getty's public numbers and explains why it is impossible to extrapolate from these numbers any overall industry number, or figures for any other agency.

Random Thoughts 70

By Jim Pickerell | 2849 Words | Posted 12/15/2003 | Comments
This article has short items on Getty Raising Estimates, Digital Camera Sales, Pew Internet Survey, Ad Trends, Hidden Internet Uses, Model Releases, FutureStock's 700 MB Files, StockMedia Turnkey for RF Sellers, Corbis Represent WLIW, and news from, Index Stock, and Virtual Picture Desk.

Clients Speak Out

By Jim Pickerell | 1490 Words | Posted 12/6/2003 | Comments
In this article which first appeared in PICTURE Magazine, Pat Hunt surveyed 19 art buyers from across the country on a number of industry issues.

Purchasing Pixels

By Jim Pickerell | 3339 Words | Posted 12/6/2003 | Comments
In this article six art buyers from New York, Chicago and New Orleans talk at the PACA International Conference in New Orleans about how they work and what they need from stock photo archives. Some of their comments were predictable, but there they also offered some important insights into possible new trends.

Stockbyte Buys VC Stake

By Jim Pickerell | 533 Words | Posted 12/1/2003 | Comments
Stockbyte has bought out the 30% stake held by its venture capital partner, ACT Venture Capital, for an undisclosed sum. ACT bought a 25% stake in Stockbyte in 1997 and a further 5% in 2000. Jerry Kennelly and his wife Johanna are now the sole shareholders.

Hughes New CEO At Imagestate

By Jim Pickerell | 452 Words | Posted 12/1/2003 | Comments
Leslie Hughes has been appointed CEO of ImageState, Inc. and Group CEO Designate of the Company. She will be based in New York and operate predominately out of that city. Hughes had joined Elisar Software Corporation as CEO in May of 2003, but left in October to join ImageState. Elisar closed its doors on November 7th.

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