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Articles from February 1999

ASMP Cancels Texas Seminar

By Jim Pickerell | 1100 Words | Posted 2/24/1999 | Comments
ASMP National Board has canceled a stock seminar planned by the Dallas chapter because the meetings were scheduled to give a platform to RF producers and traditional stock agencies whose practices the board finds ''inconsistent with ASMP's policy, goals and code of ethics.''

Random Thoughts 4

By Jim Pickerell | 1727 Words | Posted 2/24/1999 | Comments
This article includes shorts on stock photographer Randy Taylor's elevation to VP at Liaison; Trend Watch's statistics on the number of creatives worldwide; Copyright and trademark issues in the UK and photographer credits at Corbis.

Getty Images Reports E-Commerce Success

By Jim Pickerell | 739 Words | Posted 2/24/1999 | Comments
This report summarizes some of the 1998 developments that Getty Images recently reported to their stock holders.

Geographic Takes More Rights On Assignment

By Jim Pickerell | 1913 Words | Posted 2/9/1999 | Comments
National Geographic informed their photographers at their January meeting that in the future they will be using the photographer's work in more ways and they are offering less overall payment for these usages. See details.

Bridgeman Loses Copyright Claim

By Charles Swan | 431 Words | Posted 2/9/1999 | Comments
Charles Swan reports on Bridgeman Art Library's loss of its copyright claim against Corel Corporation. Bridgeman aledged that Corel distributed RF copies of fine art paintings which Bridgeman had the sole right to license.

Elsner Opens Consulting Service

By Jim Pickerell | 2746 Words | Posted 2/9/1999 | Comments
After more than thirty years with FPG, Gary Elsner has started a consulting service for stock agencies and individual photographers.

Random Thoughts 3

By Jim Pickerell | 1442 Words | Posted 2/9/1999 | Comments
Thoughts on new policies at The Stock Market; Changes at Corbis; Rights of Privacy in the UK and Fiduciary Responsibilities of Stock Agencies.

Can Landmarks be Trademarked?

By Nancy e. Wolff | 1609 Words | Posted 2/9/1999 | Comments
Nancy Wolff reports legal developments in trademarking of landmarks.

Philip Chudy Settles With Pictor

By Jim Pickerell | 1307 Words | Posted 2/1/1999 | Comments
We have just learned that in August 1997 the Central London County Court ordered Pictor to pay Philip Chudy approximately £45,000 in commissions that Pictor had been withholding for several years. They were also required to return Chudy's transparencies. See details of the situation and settlement. Pictor is the parent of Uniphoto/Pictor with offices in Washington, DC, New York and Los Angeles.

EyeWire Launches Portal Site

By Jim Pickerell | 617 Words | Posted 2/1/1999 | Comments
EyeWire, Inc. (formerly Adobe Studios) launches a portal site to provide all types of visual content - such as video, animation, photography, type fonts, illustrations and clip art -- to the professional community.

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