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Articles from March 2011

Promotional Videos For iPad

By Jim Pickerell | 81 Words | Posted 3/31/2011 | Comments
In the past two years Corey Rich has directed and shot more than 15 video profiles for Apple. The stories have generally centered around small business and enterprise companies that have integrated iPhone and iPad for greater efficiency and, in many cases, a positive effect on their bottom line. His two minute iPad in Business profile of Eric Jackson and Jackson Kayaks may give you an idea of new business opportunities that are opening up for still photographers turned videographers and producers.

What Motivates Professional Users Of Stock?

By Jim Pickerell | 888 Words | Posted 3/30/2011 | Comments
Cutcaster recently conducted a survey using their own database and Adbase’s email list of creatives in multiple industries in North America. The professional backgrounds of the recipients cover most industries. They received 344 responses almost all of which came from North America with the next largest groups being South America and the UK. See the preliminary results at

Masterfile Goes Mobile With iPad / iPhone App

By Jim Pickerell | 177 Words | Posted 3/29/2011 | Comments
Masterfile has launched a free new app for the iPad and iPhone that is specifically designed to save time for art directors, designers and media professionals. The Masterfile app lets them find the images they need quickly and easily while on the move. Masterfile’s new app can be downloaded from the iTunes store. To find out more, visit

The Stolen Scream

By Jim Pickerell | 85 Words | Posted 3/29/2011 | Comments (1)
About two years after publishing on Flickr photos of himself screaming, Noam Galai discovered that his face was ‘for sale’ in several stores around the world, as well as on the Web. The image was spotted in Spain, Iran, Mexico, England and many other places. When he realized that it was not a one-time-thing he decided to start collecting images/videos of all his ‘appearances’. Check out his Scream Blog where he posts all the different photos and products he can find with his face.

Educational Pricing Based On Unique Users

By Jim Pickerell | 1230 Words | Posted 3/28/2011 | Comments
Educational publishers regularly set up “preferred provider” agreements with image suppliers who represent large collections. Publishers outline certain standard terms and uses. The image provider is then asked to stipulate a fee that will be charged for each use. Based on the fees providers agree to charge the publisher decides which supplier to use. McGraw Hill School Education Group has recently requested quotes from potential preferred providers and they have introduced a new concept for determining circulation of the product. Instead of talking about the number of copies printed McGraw Hill now refers to the number of “unique users.”

PhotoShelter Releases "How to Sell Prints" - A Free Guide

By Jim Pickerell | 243 Words | Posted 3/25/2011 | Comments
PhotoShelter, has released a 44-page e-book entitled 'How to Sell Prints'. This is the latest in a long-running series of free and comprehensive e-books designed to equip photographers with the tools needed for success in today's marketplace. The guide outlines basic and intermediate business strategies designed to help photographers get started selling prints. This free book includes a variety of insightful case studies and action plans, as well as expert recommendations and can be requested here:

Court Rejects Google’s Proposal To Settle Copyright Claims

By Jim Pickerell | 319 Words | Posted 3/24/2011 | Comments
Federal appeals court judge Denny Chin has rejected Google’s proposed settlement of copyright claims arising from the company’s digitization of books. Since the case is a class action, the court, and not the parties, must determine whether the settlement is fair, adequate and reasonable.

Misery Is Photogenic

By Jim Pickerell | 765 Words | Posted 3/24/2011 | Comments
One of the themes that emerged at the “La Fotografia In Italia” photojournalism conference in Milan last weekend was that the majority of feature stories photojournalists produce deal with tragedies. Some of the editors expressed the opinion that they were tired of seeing so much tragedy and were looking for something more positive and uplifting. A few photographers responded that they are just producing what the market asks for. Someone said that photojournalism is there to reveal the ugliness of our world and documenting various aspects of tragedies is right and proper. Read the whole story by Enzo dal Verme on his blog and my comments here.

Veer® Introduces Extended Legal Protection Up to $250,000

By Jim Pickerell | 222 Words | Posted 3/23/2011 | Comments
Veer ( has announced the introduction of an Extended Customer Protection Plan, providing customers with up to $250,000(USD) coverage for 100 Veer Credits. Veer credit prices range from $0.78 to $1.41 depending on the size of the credit package purchased.

Science Photo Library Signs Licensing Agreement with Global Grid for Learning

By Jim Pickerell | 408 Words | Posted 3/23/2011 | Comments
Science Photo Library, has signed a licensing agreement with Global Grid for Learning, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cambridge University Press and one of the most comprehensive digital educational content collections in the world.

Stock Artists Alliance Closes Doors

By Jim Pickerell | 1003 Words | Posted 3/22/2011 | Comments (1)
The Stock Artists Alliance (SAA), a photographer trade association, has announced that it is discontinuing operations. Founded in 2001, this organization came into being after Getty Images announced that it planned to make significant changes in its photographer contracts. At that time relations between Getty Images and its contract photographers had become steadily “more strained” over a period of 18 months.

Image Licensors Should Be Given Passwords For Textbook Websites

By Jim Pickerell | 1213 Words | Posted 3/21/2011 | Comments (1)
Those who license rights to use photos in textbooks should include language in their invoices that requires publishers to provide the licensor with a password to any web site where the licensors images are used.This story explains why it is important and provides recommended language.

iStockphoto Chosen As “Best Place to Buy Stock Images”

By Jim Pickerell | 149 Words | Posted 3/21/2011 | Comments
iStockphoto has been selected as the “Best Place to Buy Stock Images” in the 2011 Readers' Choice Award.  Now in its fourth year, the Readers' Choice Awards honor the best products, features and services across more than a dozen categories, ranging from technology to hobbies to parenting and more, as selected by its readers.

Microstock Needs To Offer A “Redeemed Credits” Sort

By Jim Pickerell | 1021 Words | Posted 3/17/2011 | Comments (1)
One of the great benefits of the Microstock marketing strategy is that distributors have always offered customers a variety of ways to organize search returns. In particular, sort-by-downloads has been a very popular option. A “Redeemed Credits” option would get more of the best selling images of the higher priced brands near the top of the search return order. This method of searching would allow customers to see all the various brands in a single search and still see more of the expensive images in the early pages. See explanation.

White House Copyright Crackdown: No Help To Still Photographers

By Jim Pickerell | 239 Words | Posted 3/17/2011 | Comments
The White House has proposed sweeping revisions to the U.S. copyright law, but the changes discussed in the 20-page white paper (PDF) do very little, if anything, to help still photographers.

THP Offering Footage

By Jim Pickerell | 255 Words | Posted 3/17/2011 | Comments
The THP Photo & Video Services has announced that its members will distribute video with the same ease with which they have been distributing images for over 10 years. The THP now hosts close to 100,000 video clips along with its slightly over 13 million high resolution image files. The THP is a software platform developed and administered by age footstock.

Stock Footage Online Launches New Web Site Design

By Jim Pickerell | 122 Words | Posted 3/16/2011 | Comments
Stock Footage Online ( has launched a new site with links to 80 leading stock footage specialist libraries. Currently, visitor figures for this site are headed toward 100,000 per month.

Alaska Stock Thriving At Age 20

By Jim Pickerell | 182 Words | Posted 3/16/2011 | Comments
Despite declining photo budgets, and instability in the stock photo industry due to the availability of microstock, automated digital subscription services, and the increased accessibility of advanced digital technology, Alaska’s premier photo collection, Alaska Stock Images, is celebrating 20 years as Alaska’s largest agency providing unique professional quality Alaskan Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free stock photos.  

Are Units Licensed Going Up or Down?

By Jim Pickerell | 1305 Words | Posted 3/15/2011 | Comments (1)
Recently, I posted on the “Stock Photography: buy and sell photos” group on some of the information about photography revenue relative to printing revenue that is found in this story. Peter Dean came back with a related question that deserves some careful examination. He asked, “Approximately how many more images are used these days in print compared to 10 years ago?” He also wanted to know whether print revenue is Static? going Up or going Down?

New Sources For Video Footage

By Jim Pickerell | 225 Words | Posted 3/15/2011 | Comments
Two companies have announced new video offerings. age fotostock is promoting its THP Photo & Video Services (Technological Hosting Platform) that consolidates imagery from many suppliers and hosts it for distributors around the world. Stock Footage Online ( has launched a new site with links to 80 leading stock footage specialist libraries.

Reinvention: Four Photographer Success Stories

By Jim Pickerell | 3684 Words | Posted 3/11/2011 | Comments
At ASMP’s recent Strictly Business 3 education weekend in Philadelphia four photographers explained how they had reinvented their businesses in the current challenging business environment. Here are their stories. There will be more success stories at the last Strictly Business 3 conference in 2011 which takes place in Chicago April 1st through 3rd.

Commercial Printing Shipments Up At Start Of 2011

By Jim Pickerell | 284 Words | Posted 3/10/2011 | Comments
According to WhatTheyThink?, a leading research organization serving the printing and publishing industry, January 2011 commercial printing shipments were $6.7 billion, up $270 million (+4.1%) compared to 2010. Adjusting for inflation, shipments were up +2.5%. Shipments for 2010 were also revised to be $86.7 billion. “Despite a dreadful first quarter in 2010, the remaining months were up +3%, to finish the year slightly higher than 2009,” explained Dr. Joe Webb, director of WhatTheyThink's Economics and Research Center. “January's shipment rise benefited from an easy comparison to the first quarter of 2010, but it continued a string of 10 months of positive comparisons to the prior year. We hope it continues.”

Printing And Photography Revenue Compared

By Jim Pickerell | 180 Words | Posted 3/10/2011 | Comments
WhatTheyThink?, a leading research organization serving the printing and publishing industry, has just estimated that the value of printed materials shipped in the U.S. in 2010 was $86.7 billion. Based on my analysis I estimate that the worldwide sale of still stock imagery in 2010, most of which is used in some type of printed publication, was about $1.45 billion. Previously, we have estimated that in the range of 43% of the total worldwide sales of stock photography are licensed for use in the U.S. market. Thus, the comparison would be something in the range of $625 million for photography compared with $86.7 billion for printing.

Editorial Photographers Announces Education Grant Competition For Students

By Jim Pickerell | 159 Words | Posted 3/10/2011 | Comments
In an effort to recognize and support emerging photographers, the Editorial Photographers trade association [EP] has announced its Third Annual EP Education Grants student photo competition. For details go to: The Grand Prize winner will be chosen from among the finalists by internationally-acclaimed Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt. More than $5000 in prizes will be presented to the Grand Prize winner, and more than $2000 each for the other five finalists!

Yuri Arcurs: Leading Microstock Photographer Revisited

By John Martin Lund | 2322 Words | Posted 3/10/2011 | Comments
In January of 2011 Yuri Arcurs was interviewed by John Lund and gave the following account of where his business is today. Yuri is the world’s best selling microstock photographer, has a staff of more than 50 and the overhead for his stock operation exceeds $200,000 a month.

Corbis Images and Demotix Sign Global Distribution Agreement

By Jim Pickerell | 316 Words | Posted 3/9/2011 | Comments
Corbis Images has announced a new worldwide distribution agreement with London based  Demotix , the multi-award winning source of  “Street Journalism.” Later this month, Corbis Images will begin offering an edited selection of breaking news photography from Demotix through

iStock Video Producer Rebel Over Proposed Vetta Royalty Share

By Jim Pickerell | 1072 Words | Posted 3/7/2011 | Comments
iStockphoto has announced plans to introduce a new higher priced Vetta collection of video clips. Video producers are rebelling over the proposed royalty split for this higher priced product. Clips in this collection will be handpicked for their art direction, conceptual execution and rarity and will be made available at higher prices than other exclusive content.

Green Stock Media Joins The Image Works

By Jim Pickerell | 158 Words | Posted 3/7/2011 | Comments
The Image Works has announced the addition of imagery from Green Stock Media to its archive. This collection visually promotes a broad spectrum of environmental and sustainability issues with an extensive array of imagery representing environmental problems, contemporary ecological solutions, and the beauty and importance of nature.

Copyright Office Opens Pilot Program for e-Group Registration

By Jim Pickerell | 250 Words | Posted 3/3/2011 | Comments
Recently the U.S. Copyright Office launched a pilot program that enables photographers to use the Electronic Copyright Office (eCO) system to complete group registrations of “databases that predominantly consist of photographs" or “published photographs."

Correction: Getty Images Contributor Agreement

By Jim Pickerell | 121 Words | Posted 3/3/2011 | Comments
In a previous story I said that Flickr photographers receive 20% royalties when their images are sold on the Getty Images web site. In fact, Flickr photographers receive 20% of RF image sales, BUT if their images are licensed as RM they receive 30%. Also, there will be no change in royalty rates in the new contract.

Photographers and Collective Licensing

By Eugene H Mopsik | 1665 Words | Posted 3/2/2011 | Comments
In a recent talk at the Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts at Columbia University as part of a program titled Collective Management of Copyright: Solution or Sacrifice Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director of American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) outlined the general state of the photo licensing business and offered some possible solutions.

Getty Images To Launch Updated Contributor Agreement

By Jim Pickerell | 458 Words | Posted 3/1/2011 | Comments (1)
Getty Images has announced that as of April 1, 2011 they will have a new contributor agreement. For American photographers the date may have some relevance. We call it April Fools day and it is usually celebrated with practical jokes and hoaxes on family, friends and work associates. However,Getty’s move may not be a joke.

Corbis Parnters With ZUMA Press

By Jim Pickerell | 235 Words | Posted 3/1/2011 | Comments
Corbis Images (, has entered into a partnership with ZUMA Press (, an independent press agency and wire services capturing news and documentary images.

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