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Articles from May 1998

New Copyright Legislation

By Jim Pickerell | 705 Words | Posted 5/26/1998 | Comments
New copyright legislation has passed the Senate and is working its way through the House. The bill makes it a crime to alter copyright management information, such as a watermark, on an image.

Digital Object Identifiers

By Jim Pickerell | 1117 Words | Posted 5/26/1998 | Comments
The Digital Object Identifier is a system for identifying text and photos. It can be used both on-line and in print format. Publishers are pushing this which could lead to wide spread use.

Corbis Acquires Westlight

By Jim Pickerell | 1515 Words | Posted 5/20/1998 | Comments
Corbis has acquired WestLight giving it access to top quality commercial images that will be of interest to the commercial side of the stock photography business. Up to now this has been a glaring weakness in the Corbis operation.

Getting "Fair" Compensation from Publishers

By Jim Pickerell | 2685 Words | Posted 5/20/1998 | Comments
The New York Times and Audubon Magazine try to make electronic use, without compensation, of stock photos submitted for print use only. Photographers fight back with good paperwork.

Stock Imagery

By Jim Pickerell | 309 Words | Posted 5/20/1998 | Comments
The Larsons are no longer with Stock Imagery as Garry Adams does a complete review of Stock Imagery's ''Imagegate'' software and the costs of their on-line project to date.

May 1998 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 5708 Words | Posted 5/10/1998 | Comments
This issue contains an in-depth analysis of PhotoDisc and the RF business, List of PhotoDisc photographers and the number of images, Major Agency Catalog Costs, Pricing Clinic - Discounting, Corbis Acquires Westlight, Index Stock Gets $18.6 Million, and X-Ray Damage to Film.

X-Ray Damage to Film

By Jim Pickerell | 383 Words | Posted 5/6/1998 | Comments
New CTX 5000 scanners being used at airports around the world DAMAGE FILM in checked baggage. Photographers must take new precautions to be sure their film is not ruined.

PhotoDisc & Royalty Free

By Jim Pickerell | 5835 Words | Posted 5/6/1998 | Comments
This story is an indepth analysis of PhotoDisc, the world's leading supplier of Royalty Free images. Also included are the names over over 100 photographers supplying images to PhotoDisc and the numbers of images they have on-line.

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