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Articles from May 2000

The Sub-Agent System Lives

By Jim Pickerell | 1278 Words | Posted 5/24/2000 | Comments
Both Getty and Corbis are doing deals with sub-agents. Small agents need to consider how this strategy might benefit them and photographers need to consider why these big companies, with unlimited resources, are doing sub-agent deals rather than buying these companies outright.

Random Thoughts 18

By Jim Pickerell | 1671 Words | Posted 5/24/2000 | Comments
Short news items include: Rebecca Taylor gone from FPG, Online Uses, Kleinn's sale of stock, European agency for sale, possibly infringing copyright and Content demands for the future.

Getty Has Outstanding First Quarter

By Jim Pickerell | 1854 Words | Posted 5/12/2000 | Comments
Getty has announced first quarter revenue of $104.8 million that significantly exceeded investor expectations. This was up from $79.9 million in the 4th quarter of 1999. Wall Street analysts were predicting $85 million. Stone's revenues rose 45% since April 1, 1999.

May 2000 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 6497 Words | Posted 5/10/2000 | Comments
Stories this month include: Photographer Profits Survey, Rate Increaase at Business Week, Getty Acquires VCG, Corbis Acquire TSM, Changing Educational Uses, and Future Shock - an indepth analysis of where the industry is headed. This story looks at the choices for photographers and small to mid-sized agencies.

Corbis Buys Sharpshooters

By Jim Pickerell | 474 Words | Posted 5/9/2000 | Comments
Corbis announced Monday that they will acquire Sharpshooters. In coming months, Corbis will integrate Sharpshooters' images into its existing offer and customers will be able to search, access, and buy Sharpshooters' images in the same way they would buy other Corbis images.

Freelancing in the Internet Age

By Jim Pickerell | 2199 Words | Posted 5/9/2000 | Comments
The Steering Committee of Boston Globe Freelancers' Association recently supplied freelancers with information on the potential for re-selling news material in the internet environment.

Random Thoughts 17

By Jim Pickerell | 474 Words | Posted 5/9/2000 | Comments
News about the Greenberg case against National Geographic, Actors Losing Rights, new TSM forum, Masterfile Pricing schedules, Digital Transfer, Web vs. Print and a new Natural Selection Stock catalog.

Self Publishing Books

By Blair Seitz | 2199 Words | Posted 5/9/2000 | Comments
Blair Seitz explains in detail how he established a business of producing and self-publishing picture books. He dispels mythis about the publishing business and outlines advantages and pitfalls to avoid.

Future Shock

By Jim Pickerell | 2423 Words | Posted 5/2/2000 | Comments
How will industry consolidation impact suppliers. This indepth analysis looks at how the industry is changing. It identifies some of the major issues to consider as we move ahead and looks at the choices open to photographers and small to mid-sized agencies.

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