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Articles from May 2001

Ramifications of Signing Getty Images' New Contract

By Jim Pickerell | 3002 Words | Posted 5/10/2001 | Comments
An analysis by the lawyer retained by StockArtistsAlliance (SAA) of the new Getty Images photographer contract.

Index Gets Additional Capital

By Jim Pickerell | 208 Words | Posted 5/10/2001 | Comments
Index Stock Imagery, Inc. has closed the last $4.5 million of its $20 million mezzanine funding round and is on track for reaching profitability by the end of the year according to Bahar Gidwani.

Pictor Responds

By Jim Pickerell | 302 Words | Posted 5/10/2001 | Comments
In response to yesterday's announcement that Pictor International, Inc. had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S., Pictor International, Ltd. has made the following statement.

May 2001 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 5216 Words | Posted 5/10/2001 | Comments
This issue has stories on 2001 Photographer Profits Survey, Flat Sales At Getty, Dilemma For Getty Photogs., Tony Stone Is Back, Zefa Acquire Benelux, Masterfile, Greenbery Win Court Battle With National Geographic, and more.

Random Thoughts 32

By Jim Pickerell | 1711 Words | Posted 5/9/2001 | Comments
This series of short items covers: Copyright Alert to stop the Hatch-Leahy Ammendment, Getty Shooter seems to have found the key to success, ASMP's Co-op Business Plan, Catalog selling on the web, Objections To Getty's Photographer Contract Grows and CEPIC to Release Industry Statistics.

Pictor Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

By Jim Pickerell | 362 Words | Posted 5/9/2001 | Comments
On May 3rd Pictor International, Inc., a subsidiary of Pictor International, Ltd. filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the District of Columbia. The company had total assets of $635,000 and debts of $1,278,341. The bankruptcy affects the U.S. subsidiary, not the parent.

Sales Flat At Getty

By Jim Pickerell | 766 Words | Posted 5/2/2001 | Comments
Getty Images has announced sales of $125.8 million for the first quarter of 2001. This was about 4% below the $130 to $133 million guidance provided by the company on February 8th, and less than a million above the 4th quarter 2000 revenue of $124.9 million.

2001 Stock Photographer Profits Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 1383 Words | Posted 5/2/2001 | Comments
Only 97 photographers responded to this year's survey. They had total stock income of $8,877,211 in 2000 and additional photographic income of $5,579,669 for a total photographic income of $14,456,880. Analysis of the data is in this report.

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